I love nutella!

nutella brownie cups

I wanted to bake for class party but was lazy to go out to buy ingredients so I decided to try these nutella brownie cups! They’re easy and have a grand total of 4 ingredients, all of which I already had at home yay. Best thing about baking: if you can make use of stuff at home, you can have good food for free 8D

Anyway I love looking at recipes with step by step pictures so I took photos while making haha even though it’s actually really easy!

flour + scooping nutella into the mixing bowl
I don’t think this picture shows it very well but I used up almost all the nutella D: I was thinking “this better be worth it” hahaha and yeah I guess it was!
4 ingredients- flour, nutella, eggs, salt. Look at the nutella!!!
Mixing the ingredients (my house has an awesome mixer so I never have to mix stuff by hand heh)
Batter dripping down from the mixing thingy!

I forgot to take photos of the cups before baking cos spooning thick, gooey batter into small cups is very annoying and messy

Close up of the cracked top! And I found chocolate chips left over from last time so ok that’s 5 ingredients

It’s extremely nutella-y so actually can just eat nutella instead of having to bake it.


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