My father is the best

We went to Manhattan fish market for lunch, and he was wondering whether they gave any special free stuff on people’s birthday (today is his bday!). So he decided to ask a waitress “excuse me, is there any free drink or ice cream on your birthday?” the waitress went to ask another waitress, who came and told us (basically) sorry no.

So we continued eating, and 5 min later, guess what! The person came back with a mudpie (!!) and asked whose bday it was, and my father was like “oh er it’s mine actually heh thanks” hahahaha so we got a free mudpie!!!! :D

Moral of the story: just ask hahaha and who knows, you might get sth! Though I have decided that the mudpie is not actually thaaat nice but yeah it was very nice of them!

I found out that repairing my phone screen would cost $100+ (idg why the dollar sign is on the second page of punctuation on my phone, I’m quite sure I use it more often than like ; and %) ugh so probably either gonna change phone or just bear with the cracked screen for a while.


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