Oreo cheesecake & I graduated!


Cake for my father’s bday! Uh idk what to say so pictures ftw

cream cheese is yummy!
Oreo base (ignore the ugly background)
batter with oreo chunks on top
before baking...
after baking!
a slice of cake!

Oh man I need to improve on my food photography skills. How ah D: And get nice plain white plates!

Currently 3/4 of my posts are food related x) while other people are mugging chinese + blogging about graduation, I’m baking and posting photos of the process woohoo. Meh I’m mugging chinese also lah but I’m not going to write a post about graduation cos I don’t really feel anything. Like woohoo I graduated! (also I don’t see why that is something worth congratulating) Everyone’s going to the same school anyway what! And seriously everyone is forever complaining about the campus and teachers and canteen etc, but when we leave everything suddenly becomes so wonderful…? And I don’t think something being “the last” should give it any special meaning, like if you never cared about sth before, why would it matter if it’s the last time?? This isn’t for anything in particular but like people have been saying/ posting “our last ____ :'(” why do you care if you’ve never cared before? o___o ok I guess maybe people do care to some extent haha this is just my observation/ opinion.

Looking forward to chalet!!! :D hope farewell is funny!

(sorry if the formatting is messed up or sth, it’s very weird on my phone)


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