101112 and chalet!

Today is the original cool date we wanted for concert! 101112 :D

Chalet was fun! Got a reasonable amount of sleep considering it’s a chalet but I slept really badly on the first night D: bbq was messed up at first but there was lots of yummy food! Luckily we didn’t get bee hoon cos there was actually a lot more chicken wings that we didn’t see. Helping to start the fire/ cook the food/ eating is fun hehe I love barbeques!

Then farewell! I thought farewell was kind of weird, like the performances were o___o and is it just me or did it seem really short? Presents were really nice (carrying a christmas tree back was not very nice though) thanks juniors!! The notes were very nice too, I thought all/most of them were very heartfelt until today colette told me that she went to google “how to write a heartfelt note” hahahaha *disillusioned*. I stayed up until 3 playing bridge and cluedo and I won cluedo both times!!!! My first two times playing ever okay good or what ;D It’s super long and intense (unlike bridge which is also intense but short) and everyone takes it really seriously esp joyce the hardcore and charmaine who died from the clock cards which allowed me to win hahaha >:D

“You saw what you wanted to see. You believed what you wanted to believe, because that’s what your emotions do. They ascribe meaning to something that is not there.” from fringe I think. Hmm true but sometimes the ascribed meaning =/= what you wanted to see what

Ok on to today! I decided to go for training by myself cos dawn wanted to sleep D:< (I’m supposed to be the pig y’know LOL) and tiffany had ballet and I was lazy to ask anyone else. First training in months but it was quite good! Tiff told me it was 10-1 and I even confirmed that with angelia but when I went at 10 there was nobody except min!! Yeah apparently it’s 10.30 but a lot of people still came late and we spent quite long doing conditioning so I didn’t get to jump that much. Sec ones are good! We did front somers on the tumble track, like you start with 10 then if you land -1, fall +1, land then step 0. I can still do more or less everything yay! Tried backsomer and didn’t fly anywhere, and I miraculously managed to land 100% of my front pike attempts! I think it’s because of the earlier front somers lah but yay 8D

Rachael is super weird hahahaha she kept coming to sit beside me during training because I have an “aura”. Then going back we were the only 2 on teo’s car and she kept going “this is so awkward” ?!?! The juniors amuse me very much!


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