my very uneventful holiday so far

= training, math ra test, slacking, and spending almost half of each day asleep.

I’ve been sleeping 11 hours every night hahaha is that very bad? I just go to sleep at 11 and become totally unconscious until 10am lolol except I think I had a dream last night! This is a rare occurrence okay I almost never remember my dreams nowadays (omg I keep typing ‘my’ as ‘me’ hahaha becoming a pirate). I don’t really rmb much though except that it was about harry potter. Hmm maybe I should reread harry potter and tlat this holidays.

Math ra test was quite hard but I suppose it’s meant to be lah, though they tested a lot more on school math content than I expected D: and their qns phrasing very formal and cheem, so not used to it! Oh well hope I get in, if not ________ hahaha too ego to be published publicly.

I’ve been going for training quite a lot! Considering I don’t even have to go for any, but I like to think that I’m keeping fit since I don’t really do any other exercise. On my way to hpps training now, by myself again cos everyone is at fam! Yay for ponning fam meh it isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Went to macs with my father for lunch, we tried the new burger heh it’s a burger with chicken party patty + bacon, lettuce and tomatoes! It was okay lah but I didn’t really like the new shaker fries. Then we went to the library! I haven’t really been reading much but this time I decided to try looking at the nonfiction section and ended up borrowing a few books. I’m going to improve on my photography and try to learn programming! I somehow always learn computer stuff by myself, like photoshop and html xD I like these kinds of stuff heh and I wanna try programming a phone app.

Oh and I doubt you’re going to see this before you come back so hope you have/ had a great trip dawn!!!


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