dust and more dust

Spent most of yesterday and the whole of today packing my room! A lot of stuff are super dusty cos I haven’t touched them in years (literally, I bet some probably even 10 years). And I’m mostly very unsentimental so packing equals throwing away rubbish cos it’s easier than packing them into boxes. We’ve gotten rid of about half our books and an additional 2 huge bags of rubbish. After much consideration I’ve thrown away my farewell tiara LOL I don’t foresee myself ever using it again. And I found a ton of keychains @__@

my bunch of keychains (spot the money face pig!)

Omg my calves are dying from the 200 tiptoe things on monday D: training has been quite weird haha idk what I’m doing anymore for barani/ front pike half turn! I decided not to go for training cos I wanted to rest and pack, but that kinda led to uhh a conflict haha. I don’t like conflicts but I don’t like admitting that I’m wrong either argh. Like even now I feel a need to defend myself but nvm I will resist! I just searched istj weaknesses and from the first page:
Tendency to dominate – ISTJ personalities enjoy winning conflicts and conversations
Poor perception of other people’s feelings
May find it difficult to acknowledge that they have made a mistake
Not naturally in tune with the needs of their loved ones

Oh and my cousin came to stay with us over the weekend cos his parents went overseas without him, so I had to entertain him and I lived the life of an 8 year old for those few days LOL taking afternoon naps + still sleeping at 9+ gives like 12h of sleep heh. And I went to the playground (haven’t played there in really long!), yay he’s a playground kid 8D oh and I played a string instrument for the first time! He plays the violin (technically his is a half violin hahaha but still a violin lah). So cool!! I am fascinated by the strings heh he told me that the bow’s strings are from horse hair or sth.

My cousin! 8D
This is 2 year old me hahaha he looks super like me right!!

Bought paint today and we’re gonna start painting tomorrow! :D


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