apples + cinnamon = :D

I realised I forgot to post pictures of my apple pie muffins yesterday so here they are!

oats and cinnamon topping
ready for baking!
look at the apple filling :D

(Ok I have very few nice photos cos I was busy making and preventing my cousin from killing everything)

I tried one fresh out of the oven and it was really nice cos the apples were warm and yummy! The muffin itself is quite dry and unnice though but ok lah so much of it is apples anyway so overall it’s still awesome. I love cinnamon!! We ran out at home so I went to buy, but the supermarket I went to didn’t have ground cinnamon so I had to buy the stick kind and grind by myself. Quite interesting though, I never knew that the cinnamon we use is just ground up bark.

Baking stuff with cinnamon is nice cos the smell spreads all over the house xD oh recipe is from here, found this website while looking at food photography advice haha people are really serious about food photography/styling! It has a lot of recipes heh and their photos are very nice. But argh after a lot of work right, I only ended up with 5 muffins!! I made half recipe in case not nice, and usually most recipes understate one, like if it says “makes 10” I’ll probably end up with at least 12. So I thought it’d be ok right but noo I ended up with only five quite small ones D:

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