pique nique

Was out the whole day on friday, ie. I finally have an exciting-enough-to-blog-about day!

Met tiffany cecilia and jiamin at botanic gardens mrt at 10, I was late but cecilia was even later and she cleverly brought a dslr without the memory card hahaha. The mrt is at one end and they insisted on going to the stage there (which is in the middle) to picnic, so we had to walk half of botanic gardens to get there. We had a lot of food so we just ate and talked at first! It was super funny “do you prefer poo or pee?” To which jiamin replied “huh I don’t get the question! Prefer as in do we prefer pooing or peeing, or would we prefer to eat poo or pee?” hahahahaha I brought frisbee so we played with it also, at first just throwing around and tiff trying to catch it with her feet/legs, then later she sat on the picnic mat and watched us play frisbee monkey! It was very tiring but fun haha I remember at one point we were all rofl-ing literally LOL very fun ok I love playing stuff like that!

I left at around 1.30 to meet my father and sister to go get new furniture for our room! I was going to walk to the other side of bg to take bus, but I got confused and ended up walking along some road all the way back to the bg mrt D:

Yup so we went to Ikea to order our wardrobe (which is coming today woohoo)! Oh we also ate chicken wings there :D every time we go ikea must eat chicken wings one hahaha and we tried the ice cream machine thing. It’s quite cool, you put the cone in the holder then it’ll dispense ice cream! The ice cream itself wasn’t very nice though I prefer macs one. Then we went to scanteak to get a cool display shelf thing + bunk bed!

By the time we finished furniture shopping it was 5ish alr so my father sent me straight for gym. It was still quite early though so we went to the minimart and got a waffle. Training was… not very good.

We went to the artscience museum yesterday to see 2 exhibitions. The lego one is very cool!!!! And they let you take photos hehe look at the coolness:

Yellow (the famous piece)
the Parthenon
(the red guy is made of lego)

And there was a photography exhibition also, but they don’t allow photos (the irony!). Uh idk I didn’t find it that good cos they’re those cheem stuff which I cannot appreciate lah. I just like nice-looking photos hahaha esp landscape! And food of course. Ooh ya I want to start a tumblr for photography heh should do it this holiday.

Ok yeah anyway go for the lego exhibition!!


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