After interesting stuff happen I tell myself ‘ok I’ll blog about this later’ but when I have time to blog I can’t be bothered haha write about it for what! Anyway yeah this was supposed to be about yesterday’s training, but I’m lazy so summarized in point form:
– we did the sets of jumps thing
– my front pike half turn is much better than the prev training yay!
– warmed up backsomer into the sponge pit and I scraped my uh yknow the place between lower lip and chin. Does it have a name??
– tried backlay! The ri tramp is much nicer than hpps for backlay but I keep having to pike to come down
– I fell off the tramp hahahaha

Oh and I realised for the 4 trainings I went for, I have travelled there 4 different times and gone back home 4 different times! Ok one of each journey is getting fetched by my parents but still, there are so many ways to go there haha. I’m seriously considering walking/cycling on fri if the weather is nice.

Going ice skating now!!


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