peanut butter snickers brownies


The title says it all, snickers + peanut butter + brownies = a very yummy brownie!! I was considering buying m&ms to add inside because it’s all unhealthy junk anyway so the more the merrier right, but each pack had so little I decided it was not worth it. Maybe some day I’ll try baking brownies with a lot of random stuff inside :D Baked this for tiff in exchange for her helping me do sth x)

Ok anyway!

chopped up snickers bars
added into the batter!

The recipe says to drop dollops of peanut butter on top of the batter and swirl it around with a knife so this is what I ended up with:

the result of my anyhow swirling

Ahh I should work at some bakery place to improve my skills xD or an ice cream shop! Oh I realised that a lot of shops are hiring so hopefully finding a job shouldn’t be too hard…

Yay gonna bring to training tmr! Speaking of training, I went hpps by myself again yesterday cos someone was looking for a job D: it was quite okay lah I was late so I just did conditioning until most people finished then went to jump with them xD spent the whole time doing backlay and I think it’s better now, or at least I can feel what I’m doing! Talked a bit to the juniors (who were amused by the flapping thing hahaha) and they’re mostly not bad alr! I hope more sec 3s can compete next year though.. juniors need to stop being so lazy argh when I go I jump more than everyone elsleh. And I forgot to bring textbooks for them again T___T

I haven’t taken photos of the baked brownie yet but gonna post this first and add photos tmr!

this tiffany wanted them all to herself and wasn't going to share T__T who's the pig huh!!
can see the snickers and peanut butter 8D

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