what is friendship?

I have come to the conclusion that there’s no answer haha because people are different and so each friendship is different!

I discovered that howstuffworks.com has a “people” section hahaha like how people work, and it says:  Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other. Which yeah is quite true I guess! But so vague haha I’m looking for specific things that can let people become friends. (by friends I mean real friends, not just everyone that you know/can talk to) hmm I never actually thought very much about my friendships before but somehow this year I’ve become much more conscious about it. And so I’ve been asking people why they’re friends with me xD I still don’t know though, I guess everyone needs different things in their friends!

“Oh ya and one more thing
I love making you laugh
Your laugh is about the happiest thing in the world”

Sweetest thing ever hehe :))

“Cute is when someone does or says something really human or really sincere/honest/genuine/earnest and it makes you love them.” isn’t it kinda weird that being human/sincere/honest/genuine/earnest is so rare that there’s a word for it?!? Like shouldn’t everyhing people do be cute then


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