off to korea

With 4 luggages and 5 hand carry bags! Containing lots of clothes and a huge variety of other rubbish x) lemme list down


  • 6 muesli bars of various brands and flavours
  • oreos
  • skittles
  • mentos
  • tncc sweets
  • fruitips
  • random sour plum sweets
  • milo powder
  • sugar


  • 3 cameras (1 nikon, 1 canon, 1 olympus)
  • 6 memory cards and 5 batteries among the cameras
  • 4 smartphones (1 iphone, 1 samsung, 1 sony ericsson, 1 htc) – and I downloaded some random games on my phone like triple town xD to fill up free time
  • ipad mini
  • kindle
  • samsung tab
  • ipod touch
  • a ton of chargers for all of the above

Are we good or what hahahahaha

I just got a super random surprise visit from cecilia hahaha and after she left my mother said “siyan has weird friends” LOLOL SO TRUE

Anyway leaving tonight/ technically tomorrow morning, I’ll try to post if I have free wifi!


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