Korea day 1: 3 flights and 6 meals

Woohoo just checked in to our hotel and discovered that it has free wifi!!! Usually on holidays I write in a diary but I’ve decided to type out here like a travel blog x)

Today has been a really long day- we reached changi airport around midnight and had supper, then boarded our plane to Hong Kong (stopping over there cos it’s cheaper and for the experience cos we’ve never gone anywhere far enough to need to transfer). They served us 2am “dinner” on the plane hahaha and we got haagen dazs 8D arrived in hk at 5+, we had a few hours to kill so we just sat down and slept (at least I slept) until the shops were open for breakfast. Had dim sum which was ex but yummy, and I was too sleepy to take photos of the food at first

So here's a picture of my lemon tea instead.
It was quite rainy and gloomy at hk


After that we flew to Seoul, it was quite a short flight but we were served lunch, then from incheon we took the subway to the domestic airport where we ate uh early dinner. I wasn’t very hungry but the soups were very warm and yummy!

Christmas tree at gimpo airport x)
sunset!! This was supposed to be a panorama but the scene only filled up 2 of the 5 frames
I love the sunset colours :DD it's much nicer irl! And our small plane to jeju

So we flew from Seoul to jeju island and took the airport limousine bus to seogwipo. Our hotel is very nice! It has this little kitchen place where you can just go anytime to make cup noodles/ make a hot drink/ eat tangerines and bananas and yoghurt. So of course we went to eat supper!

6th and final meal of the day (we bought the donuts from the airport, the rest are all provided! Nice right)

Despite having slept during all the flights and and at the airports while waiting for the flights, I’m still v sleepy D:


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