Korea day 2: exploring jeju (west side)

View from our hotel room

Went to a lot of places today! We got a cab for the whole day and the driver was a pretty good good guide also, he used to be a professional photographer and kept helping us take photos everywhere. Very cool leh we passed by a shop selling postcards and he said the photos on them were taken by him!!

Woah I took 60 photos on my phone today. On my phone leh I bet our cameras already have 100++

Omg my sister just tried to make me sit on tangerines on the bed T___T

Oedolgae rock- I forgot to bring my phone down but it’s nice beach/cliffs scenery basically! And rocks in the sea which look like a husband and wife/ a shark fin x) some part of da chang jin was filmed there but we didn’t even really watch

Yakcheonsa temple

The biggest temple in jeju!
The main hall thing

Jusangjeolli cliffs

HDR :D my phone camera is awesome
Idk why but there was this part there with penguins
And seals!

Jungmun beach- we saw the women divers here! They collect oysters and stuff and they dive without using oxygen masks but can hold their breath for 2min. And they just wear a thin-looking diving suit thingy so I wonder if it’s super cold for them :O


Rocks, sea, sky

Alive museum- quite amusing, they have optical illusion ish pictures and “interactive” ones like taken from some angle you can be a part of the picture xD

Yongmeri coast

The coast is supposed to be a dragon head shape but this is only one part
Replica of some ship x)

At this point it started raining and getting very windy so we went to an indoors place

O’Sulloc tea house museum

Teacups of the world! I think they look cooler here than irl haha
Green tea ice cream!
Idk what this place is called, we just stopped for a while to take photos and happened to catch this haha pretty sun rays!

Hallim park- the place is huge but we didn’t have a lot of time so we just saw some parts. It’s like everything in one place cos it has little parks for each theme, mostly plants and animals but there’s also lava caves and a folk village place!

It was really windy
Cactus garden hahaha reminded me of gardens by the bay
Little stone people x)
Bonsai! I finally learnt what bonsais are haha they're really cool!

Then we went back to the hotel and walked to a restaurant for dinner


Ok finally done! Jeju is really pretty and it’s so natural (unlike Singapore). And there are tangerines everywhere :D


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