Korea day 4: yeongmeori coast and cheonjiyeon

A combination of better weather + wearing more and thicker layers made today much more bearable! (I’m very scared of the cold and I’ve been freezing the past two days.) There was sun for most of the day so it wasn’t too cold and I actually felt warm outdoors for once 8) we went around by ourselves today and took our time everywhere so we only had time to go to 3 places. We took a bus from the terminal place near the world cup stadium

Jeju world cup stadium!

Took about half an hour to get to our stop at mt sanbang and I slept for most of the journey x) then from there we walked a little bit to get to yeongmeori coast, it’s basically cliffs/rocks beside the sea but it’s very cool!! It’s my favourite place in jeju haha lucky we decided to come back here cos we came on the first day but it was closed.

First part where you walk down and get awestruck by the huge rock formations

Look at the scale of this thing!!

Waves crashing into the rocks (this is the best picture I got on my phone :( )

It’s supposed to be a 1h walk but we were taking photos everywhere so we walked very slowly and ended up taking longer xD after we reached the end we discovered that they closed it already because of the strong winds and rising tide. But yay glad we got to go!

Lunch was rice and this seafood soup with lots of different types of shellfish plus octopus and prawns:

It was spicy!!

Then we went to cheonjiyeon waterfall

Pretty maple tree on the path going to the waterfall

(I want to go somewhere in autumn and see all the autumn leaves’ colours!!)
There are two small waterfalls on the way in xD

Waterfall! It isn't actually very high but waterfalls are quite cool anyway imo :D

Then we took a cab back to the hotel and walked to a nearby shop for dinner. We ordered a 3-course set consisting of:

1. shabu shabu (with chicken which was added in later)

2. boiled chicken with potato and eggs

And 3. noodles which I forgot to take a photo of, they just dumped it inside ^ after we finished most of the chicken. But anyway everything was delicious and very filling, hot soup in winter is the best!!

Flying to Seoul tomorrow, the weather there is crazy (snowing the past few days and min -10 max -5 or something) so hope our flight won’t have any problems! :S


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