Korea day 6: namdaemun and bibap!

Both of my parents weren’t feeling very well today D: so we decided to take it easy, woke up late and went to eat dumplings again

Assorted dumplings!

Then we took the subway to namdaemun market. Last year when we were here, we randomly walked into one of the glasses shops to make glasses, and it was quite good plus much cheaper than making in Singapore! So we went back again today and got new glasses for everyone hahaha. They can make on the spot like in 15min (unless it’s some complicated lens like progressive, but even then it just takes 3 days), so yeah making glasses overseas is very good!!

We watched another show today called Bibap, it was super funny and very cool also with singing, beatboxing and hip hop dancing which were all very pro!

Beef stew for dinner!

We’re travelling to Alpensia tomorrow for skiing!!!! Excited hehe we have 3 full days of skiing 8D hope everyone will be okay after a good rest tonight and tomorrow!


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