Korea day 8: skiing!

The beginner slope

We finally skiied today!

4 of us in the chairlift hahaha

In the morning the temperature was supposedly -17 degrees which is crazy, but luckily later it went up to -6 or something so phew we went to ski :D at first after getting our clothes and shoes and skis we were super hot, but ok lah going up the chair lift is pretty windy so it gets cold. My fingers and toes were perpetually frozen but my body was very warm because I was wearing 5 layers excluding the ski jacket. Y’know it is actually possible to sweat when you’re outdoors in winter!

Anyway, we all still remembered how to ski hahaha and after a few rounds on the beginner slope, we decided to go up the intermediate one. It was very fun!!

Moving on to the intermediate slope!
The sky was very blue and there were cool streaky clouds!
There were quite a lot of people at the bottom but the slopes were actually very empty

We had lunch at the ‘hill lounge’ place at the top of the slopes.

View of yongpeong from the top of the ski slopes
Our abandoned skis
Kids sledding!
My shadow 8D

There are people doing night skiing now! Cool but it must be crazy cold @__@

Tomorrow’s gonna be exciting!


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