Korea day 9: snowboarding!

Happy 12/12/12!!

I learnt snowboarding today :DD it was exciting but super tiring because you have to tighten your legs a lot to move slowly and controlled-ly, my legs were very tired after going down just a short part of the slope. But one good thing about snowboarding is that it’s very easy to get up when you fall, so sometimes I just purposely fell down to rest a while. Oh and also snowboarding every time after going down you can take the board off and carry it up, unlike the beginner skiing people who have to slowly move up sideways xD

Snowboarding boots with a lot of laces!

We started off with stretching and how to strap our boots to the board,  then we learnt the skateboard thing and how to fall down. Then we went to climb the beginner learning slope and did heel sideslip and pendulum. By the time we finished those it was already time for lunch! We ate at the food court place, rested a while, then went back to practise on our own (the lunch break was 2h). After that we started on toe sideslip and pendulum, and we went to take the chairlift. That slope that is now a bit too short and easy for us on skis felt super long on the snowboard :S we did toe halfway and heel halfway, then we climbed back up a bit and started trying to link up the turns ie. going in a snake instead of pendulum. My toe to heel was mostly okay but I kept falling for heel to toe D: but yay I can somewhat snowboard now!!! Extremely slowly and cautiously and with a lot of falls but whatever haha. Pro snowboarding looks really cool!

I bet I’m going to ache a lot tomorrow D:


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