Korea day 10: snowboarding (again)!

I fell down more than 50 times today. Not even exaggerating okay, 50 is definitely an underestimate. But I’m fine! Only a few were major falls lah and major falls just means I crashed on my butt very painfully. Hope I don’t get blue blacks on my butt because that would hurt whenever I sit down @__@

We woke up at 7 plus/8 this morning and had toast with eggs and bacon for breakfast! By the time we finished breakfast, got ready to leave, rented and wore everything and actually stepped onto the ski field, it was already 10. We got the whole day chairlift pass today because it only takes 6 trips up to make it worth it (as compared to getting one-time passes for each time, which we did yesterday because we only went up once). Practised sideslips and pendulums for the first few times, then I started trying to link the turns.

By the end of today I could more or less do the S thing! Still quite cautious and purposely slowing down a lot but not bad already lah :D sorry no cool tricks hahaha

A scary near-disaster happened today. I’m just going to recount what I saw so.. One of the times when we were going down, I fell down and sat there resting for a while, and I saw some people near me looking up at the chairlift. It was not moving and there was a person who had somehow fallen from the seat and was hanging on to the bar at the bottom where you rest your skis. He (I assumed it was a guy) was struggling and squirming around a lot which I thought was very weird cos wouldn’t that make it harder to hold on? And there were two other people on the other side of that chairlift but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. At first the person was trying to get his skis off, then after they dropped down he just kepy squirming around up there while more ski patrol people came. Then the whole chairlift system started going backwards. I thought they wanted to reverse all the way down cos they were quite near the bottom, quite near as in relative to the whole chairlift length but not actually that near. But after moving 10m or so it stopped. Err idk if this sounds very morbid but I was fascinated so I went down the slope a bit to see from nearer. Actually the person wasn’t that that high up, my father later estimated that the chairlift was about 4m above ground at that part, so the drop is one storey ish. Won’t die one lah.

Anyway the ski patrol people were bringing the orange mats to below the guy. He wasn’t suspended over the slope itself but kind of beside it, so the people below had to get through the fence and stomp through the snow, which was soft because that part isn’t part of the slope and the snow doesn’t get packed down. Plus it was a bit inclined so it seemed quite hard for them to get there. But after they brought the orange mats up it was quite okay, I couldn’t see what they did with the mats but I inferred that the guy was going to let go and land on the mats lah. So yeah he did, but before he dropped he was squirming very frantically and I realised that he was actually hanging there by his clothes, which somehow got hooked on the bar. Which was soooo lucky for him omg! After he dropped down his jacket was left hanging up there. I didn’t actually see the catching part but my father said they made a slope with the orange mats, so the person landed on the higher side and rolled/slid down to break the fall. I thought this was a very good idea!

After that some of the ski patrols started to leave and I couldn’t tell what was happening so I continued down the slope. Then simin and I quickly went up the chairlift again to see what was going on, and when we passed over that part we saw a girl lying on a mat looking very scared and a guy bending over her. So we figured that person was actually a girl! As in not a kid but not that old lah. She must’ve been super traumatised :/ at that time a snow vehicle was going there with a stretcher thing but we didn’t manage to see them using it. After we snowboarded down again there was nobody left there except a few snow patrols tying the orange mats back (the mats supposed to be for protecting people from the poles and stuff but I guess they untied the ones near there to use).

Thennn life went on as usual except at the end of the day we saw an ambulance next to the ski house. I hope the girl is alright!


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