Korea day 11: back to seoul

(Writing this on the 14th but our hotel only has free wifi at the lobby so I’ll post tomorrow morning)

We took the bus back to Seoul today, the journey was 3h+ and I slept pretty much the whole way xD oh before that we took a cab to the bus station but when we reached, the 920 bus just left so we had to wait half an hour. But the waiting place was smelly so we went to walk around outside, found a small supermarket and bought ice cream :D uhh the ice cream was very hard hahaha but otherwise eating ice cream outdoors in winter is quite fun!

It was raining in Seoul when we reached, and the rain continued for the whole day D: it was a very gloomy day but luckily the rain was quite light. And also it meant that today wasn’t as cold as the other 2 days but meh if it was colder it would have snowed!

We ate porridge at the bus terminal then took subway + taxi to our hotel. When we reached it was already 3 plus, and we booked 2 rooms (each one for 2 people) but they gave us a free upgrade to 2 bigger rooms (for 3 people kind)!

Then we went back to namdaemun market to collect our glasses. Oh I forgot to say last time that my power increased D: but it doesn’t make me dizzy or anything so yay I can see clearer now! And brighter because my old lenses were kind of yellow hahaha

After that we had no particular aim so we just walked around and bought random stuff like seaweed, sunflower seeds, face masks stuff and nail polish, then ate dinner and came back.

(oh man triple town sucks now, I finished up all the turns so I have to wait for it to load more turns, and max it can load is 150 so I can only play for short spurts :(( )

I made a floating castle thing!!

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