Korea day 12: home sweet home

I’m back!! Today was all just travelling but for the sake of completeness I shall write about it.

We woke up at 5, packed, ate bread, checked out, took a taxi to Seoul station, then took the airport railway to incheon (took an hour and it was not very crowded so we got seats and slept heh). It took a while to walk to the check in place, and luckily my father already researched it so we went to do the self check-in. The normal queue was super long and slow! And even then we had to rush because we had to queue to get inside, then wait again for bag check, then we still had to go take the shuttle thing to get to our boarding gate at the concourse. So we were just on time, when we reached the gate it was final call already but actually inside the plane half the passengers weren’t even there yet!

I was quite hungry so for once I actually finished everything on the tray! After the meal I slept for the rest of the flight because there wasn’t anything I wanted to watch. We lost one hour because Seoul is ahead of Hong Kong haha so reached at 11+ and walked around/ ate lunch/ used their free wifi until our next flight. Which also got delayed because the family sitting in front of us was missing! Quite funny the pilot announced something like “you may have noticed that our departure time has come and gone, that’s because we’re waiting for about 5 passengers who have disappeared. But we’re in the process of finding their luggage and throwing it out” hahaha but luckily they came soon and we finally left for Singapore! Oh and we got haagen dazs chocolate ice cream 8D

Reached changi at 6 plus, took a taxi back, then everyone changed into shorts and we went to eat hor fun and hokkien mee etc and I finally drank my ice lemon tea again heh :D then we came back and unpacked and my mother made me put a face mask cos my face is peeling because of the dry weather D:

All the food we brought back

Ok yay end of travel posts! I’m not particularly looking forward to getting back to normal life cos I have nothing much to do actually @__@ should I get a job?


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