last training of the year

Happy doomsday!

I went for training again today, when I reached joyce was the only one there and everyone else came late. We had to do stretching, ti tui and circuit training for conditioning and there was nobody to slack and skip stuff with me so I just did everything with the juniors. It was pretty bad D: paired with mireille for stretching, we had to do the sit and reach sitting on each other thing and she counts even slower than me so I was suffering hahaha. Then teo came up with a new thing again where you hold on to the tramp/bar/beam with both hands, then kick your leg in front in between your arms. And must kick above the thing you’re holding! After that I did conditioning with isabelle, like there were 6 stations: tramp (double tuck, straight jump, double straddle, straight jump, 4 sets of that), vertical bars (tuck and hold for 15s), tumble track (20 pike jumps on the crash mat), rings (swing legs back and forth 10x), low beam (10x of the swinging arms thing, I didn’t fall at all yay), high beams (jump down and land 5 times on each beam). Then 4 rounds of the whole thing! x__x isabelle and I were v tired even though we did quite slowly and kept resting in between stations hahaha.

I jumped a bit, did front pike half turn and tried dive again! It was quite okay even though I hadn’t done since last time in hpps. Spent the rest of the time talking to the sec 3s, they’re super funny hahaha thinking about it makes me smile x)

After training I took 92 to buona vista with some of the juniors, but they all went to take mrt so I went to the star vista with jenn. Bought some baking stuff from the supermarket (which was quite small and didn’t have my jelly hmph) and we ate frozen yoghurt, then I went home.

Tang yuan for 冬至!

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