lord of the rings

Went for training yesterday and mel, yinxin, etinne, karen, jenn, nicole and tiff all came too, we rubbished around stretching and conditioning hahaha teo came up with a new back conditioning where you bridge walk and then rotate around in a bridge position. We only had to turn once each direction but it’s really confusing. The first time I didn’t know what I was doing but ok at least the other round was not too bad, the seniors are really good! Tiff and I actually did everything (except we decided to skip pike jumps and centre split stretch) heh but my back and stomach are aching today D:

We didn’t jump much, karen mel etinne had to leave at around 3 so before that we took photos T__T and had a mini party with yinxin’s raspberry shortcake + my cheesecake cups + jenn’s freddo + nicole’s fruitcake! We talked to yinxin and she told us stuff about jc, then went to jump a while before training ended. Juniors are ridiculous omg they all come late but when it’s time to leave everyone is so punctual. But we stayed to talk to teo and jump more, and nicole tried backsomer!

After training we went to tiff’s house, showered and lazed around, then ate dinner and lazed around more hahaha tiff played her garden and I was whatsapping simin to choose our curtain colour but in the end they just chose by themselves anyway. Idek exactly what colour and material it is, but oh well hope it’ll be nice!

We went through her pile of dvds but in the end we watched death note on youtube, it was quite interesting! Then uhh we went to sleep at around 2 but I couldn’t sleep, we talked a bit until I fell asleep at 3ish, tiff slept after me at idk what time. After I fell asleep I slept really well and woke up at 10, we rolled around on her bed (ok not really) for quite long before finally deciding to get up.

Then dawn came! And we started our movie marathon though quite retarded we only watched 1.5 movies because the first half of the first movie was missing and the movies are ridiculously long! I can’t imagine sitting for almost 4h in a cinema, at least today we could stretch out/ get up and move around once in a while/ eat random stuff.

I’m really bad at understanding movies D: at first I was confused because I just watched the hobbit and at first I couldn’t tell who was who. And a lot of stuff in the movies reminded me of harry potter stuff but I came back and read a bit of the lotr wiki, it’s really complicated @__@ Anyway yeah the movies were not bad I guess but it was nice just spending time with them! I like that you don’t have to talk much but just sit and watch together. And got free ice cream some more hehe yay :DD

I want to watch a harry potter movie marathon! It would take 17.5h though without breaks hahaha hmm.


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