santa claus is coming to town


Hahahaha I have no idea which year that comic is from but it’s still apt!

I’m not even a christian but I’ve gone for 2 christmas parties and I’m gonna have another one at my house x)

Christmas presents, guess which is mine hahahaha

I also got a ben & jerry’s ice cream recipe book! Unfortunately all the recipes ask for an ice cream maker so I’m just gonna try without one first D: oh but if anyone wants to get me a birthday present ^^ hahahaha

Went cycling with my family plus my uncle and his family today at east coast park. There were a lot of people camping there, when we reached the place was full of tents! And the weather today was very nice, no sun and very cooling though it drizzled a bit, can cycle for hours without sweating one. So we cycled from east coast to the airport road place where you can see changi airport! Quite cool, there were planes above us/ sometimes cannot see them but can hear when we were cycling. And the scenery is nice!! But I didn’t take much photos because we were going so fast and focused-ly hahaha when my family does stuff we usually stop here to take photo, stop there to rest a while, but noo gene and his mother very on one so we had to just keep going.




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