family fun

I’ve had nothing to do this past week so I spent every day lazing around at home/ doing stuff with my family!

One problem with staying in a big house is that packing is a never-ending project, every school holiday we pack some part of the house x__x on monday we packed under the staircase and cleared out a lot of our kiddy toys and books and random stuff. Threw away one whole huge garbage bag of stuff, plus a pile of still usable stuff for salvation army.

I bought new slippers! Rubi was having some sale and everything was on discount/ quite cheap but mine were especially cheap haha $2 only! Only for selected colours I think and somehow lime green was among them 8D

On wed I did rubbish with my sister hahaha like while I was reading tiff’s letter (which finally came haha), she kidnapped my phone and made an ‘amazing race’ for me to find it T__T after which she insisted I make one for her too hahaha. I hid one clue kiapped in one of our dictionaries and it was stuck very inside so she had to manually flip the pages xD

We also played real life spider solitaire (needs 2 decks of cards)
Midway through the game
Finished! *fireworks explode on screen*

And at night we did random jigsaw puzzles that we dug out from under the staircase, I still remember some of them from last time! So yeah we did some of our childhood jigsaws hahaha and we found a 300 piece jigsaw I thought it would be quite easy so we decided to do it, but it was actually quite hard and we took a long time D: it didn’t help that it was a quite low quality puzzle so sometimes you can’t tell if pieces really fit or not.

But we finished it in the end! There’s one missing piece though

Yesterday morning we woke up early to eat breakfast at mcdonalds! Then I went for the dsta admin session which turned out to be a career motivations profiling test followed by an informal interview. It was quite short though, then I went back for lunch (turkey wrap again cos we still had leftover turkey from christmas).

(edit because I forgot at first) For some reason my grandfather dug out his old photo albums so we spent the afternoon looking at photos from my mother’s childhood! xD then we went to look at some of our own baby/toddler photos also hahaha (/edit)

For once I showered and washed hair early, but then my father decided that we needed to get out of the house and exercise hahaha so we drove to bishan park to waveboard/ skateboard/ play badminton/ frisbee! We also went to the fitness park place for a while, then went back for dinner. After dinner we took out the carrom board to play! My father is really good at it but one game was quite close heh 8) we also played one game of blokus which I won.

sunset at bishan park
Sunset at bishan park

Oh omg and I died on tripletown after getting superrrr close to a triple castle D:

It lasted almost 2k turns!!

When we woke up this morning the curtains people were here already! We helped to polish the car so it’s now very glossy x) and our room now has blue curtains! Very funky hahaha the room is now green + orange + blue. And I finally finished all my farewell notes for juniors woohoo!!

Going for supper later :D hokkien mee chicken wings satay!!!


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