sentosa with gymmers & family party

Quite an eventful day today! (/yesterday) Went for breakfast with the whole family, then we went grocery shopping haha and I had to carry a bag of rice home Dx

Then went to sentosa! The original plan was to go sentosa and eat macs but apparently it was super crowded so we ate at vivo, I went Carl’s junior with Beatrice and later yiyin popped up too and decided to eat fries. Vivocity was insanely crowded!! And there was a long queue for the monorail but luckily it moved quite fast.

Met angelia etc there, we had to go palawan beach because siloso was closed in preparation for today’s party I think. We played a retarded balloon game and then had station games, quite sad cos out of exco only angelia codee mireille were there so they got juline to help with station games too. And v funny they prepared scripts for everything xD so for the station games we had to 1. bury someone (charmaine volunteered yay) up to the neck 2. wear shower caps, get mustaches drawn on and take weird pics 3. pick out m&ms from a bucket of tiny styrofoam balls, skittles and chachas and transfer them by chopsticks while the other group members sang a Christmas carol. The first one was quite fun because I wasn’t the one getting buried hahaha and charmaine insisted on being a mermaid so we made her a tail and drew fish scales xD for the second one, we had to take a photo with 2 topless guys/ women in bikinis. And just nice 2 people in bikinis walked past us so charmaine asked them to take a photo with us. After codee took the photo, one of them passed codee her phone so that they could have a photo with us too hahahaha

After station games dawn beatrice yiyin and I went to 7-11 to get drinks! Then we went back and I played frisbee with the juniors and the rest went to play cards T__T quite funny cos I’m usually the cards person right LOL but yeah. Played a short while then I had to go home for my family’s christmas/ new year/ my birthday/ early cny (because a lot of people are going overseas for cny so we won’t have a proper reunion) party!

When I got back, my cousin was happily taking his afternoon nap on our sofa

I drank a lottt of ice lemon tea because I was so thirsty from sentosa hahaha. And the food was very uh… exotic? We had a leg of lamb, roasted suckling pig and pig trotters in vinegar, and the only carbos were bee hoon (which finished very quickly and I didn’t get to eat), potatoes, sweet potatoes and sushi.

I was telling my mother that we should have an uncoordinated potluck, i.e. everyone just brings whatever they want without knowing what anyone else is bringing. And if everyone happens to bring ice cream, then yay we eat ice cream for dinner! Haha but anyway it didn’t happen but the food was still weird. And we ended up with a lot of dessert haha there was tau huay, jelly, grass jelly, ice cream, brownies, and two cakes!

Posting this again because I love it :D and I got chocolate sauce on my phone while taking this photo
My awfully chocolate birthday cake :D
My auntie bought another one which had rum

(3 of my grand aunts gave me ang paos, all of which were the same design one because they got it from our house hahahaha)


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