Happy birthday to me!!! :D

This is what my parents got me for my birthday:

samsung note/s3??

They cut it out from some advertisement in the newspaper to use as wrapping paper hahahaha

And I’ve started a tumblr to post photos I take! If you wanna know the url ask me privately ;D

I stayed up till the 4th so tiffany could call me to tell me 17 weird things about me LOL then I went to sleep. Tiff idc ah you must tell me your thing!!! Woke up and got smses from my parents wishing me happy birthday :D for the first time this hols I was alone at home, and I was super bored the whole morning D: so I walked to the supermarket and bought drinks and snacks for the afternoon. BBQ pringles are not bad!!

Celebrated my bday in the afternoon with tiff yiqing beatrice and kings! minus dawn who’s in bangkok :( I asked them to come at 2 and guess what, at 2.45 nobody was here. Yiqing called to ask me to fetch her from the bus stop, then before I left the house fanjin called and asked “hello is this simin?” ….. then “I’m going to be late because my mother’s hairdresser…” idk what she said her mother’s hairdresser did hahahaha. But yeah I walked out and yiqing treated me to a vanilla cone while I solved my first clue. Then we walked to my house and I did my treasure hunt thing! All of them were hiding in different parts of the house and I had to follow the clues to find them.. and it finally led to my room where the cake was but tiff hadn’t finished lighting the candles LOL. Anyway by the time I brought it into the kitchen all the candles got extinguished so I had to relight them.

After singing happy birthday I think cecilia was supposed to smash a plate of whipped cream on my face?? But I saw her and obviously I uhh put up a fight and we ended up getting whipped cream all over the kitchen x__x and beatrice was standing at the side staying clean D:< and taking photos of me D:<< I had to change shirt plus wash hair very thoroughly at the end of the day k hmph sorry cecilia but please no more next time!!

I had to cut my own cake (red velvet cake from cedele!) lolol then after eating we played wii until everyone got a bit bored. In summary, cecilia and beatrice are good, fj and tiff are not bad, and erica and yiqing suck hahahaha. Then we got cecilia to play piano for us and she was playing + the rest were singing les mis songs and phantom of the opera while yiqing and I were calling to order pizza! Hahahaha and my neighbour said the singing was good but her judgement of music is questionable cos she thinks my playing piano every day is nice.

Then we watched lord of the rings! The third one (return of the king) from tiff’s dvd which I borrowed last time x) It’s super funny watching with so many people and everyone giving retarded comments! Fj and erica were talking about wanting to be calefares so everyone was pointing out orcs or random other stuff that they could be.

the random orcs at the sides = fanjin and erica’s future roles

The movie was really long so we ate pizza while watching, then continued watching until around 10pm when it finally ended. And everyone had to go already so they gave me my cards and presents :D


even though I told them don’t need presents T__T but thanks guys!!!

Special mention goes to cecilia for the nice wrapping with curled ribbon-like-things and the vvv cool (idk what it’s called so let me just describe it as a) rubik’s tetrahedron xD and tiff for writing my letter on toilet paper @__@

So yup thanks guys for “a great day with great company” as fj said!! :D


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