batch, kings, o levels

This is turning out to be a surprisingly busy week (with the exception of today which only has training)!

On wednesday I got a surprise visit from nicole tiff jasmine yiyin plus dawn who came late, I got ice cream smashed on my face D:< but luckily it wasn’t video-ed down. Then they all crashed my house and signed up for jip optional modules. And I got more cards and presents! Every flavour beans from yiyin and chocolate mochi from dawn :D we went to meet jolene at the prata house for lunch but she only ate with us for a while then had to leave, then we moved to brownice cos tiff had a 1 for 1 voucher.

Brownice… it’s a good idea for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan or wtv, but I wouldn’t go there by myself again because hello! What is ice cream without cream!! Ok sorbets have no cream but it doesn’t pretend to be ice cream, and sorbets are nice. Some of brownice flavours are not bad but after eating a while it’s just meh. And honestly I don’t get why no dairy/ no eggs is a good thing… people eat eggs and drink milk what!

Uhm k end of rant hahaha. Anyway I wasn’t in a very good mood that day, plus we were seated

dawn    |   tiff   | yiyin
jasmine|nicole| me

I was really bored hahaha but it was my own fault lah. We sat there for really long and didn’t even finish our 6 scoops of ice cream! And also I’ve realised that jasmine is super different from me (personality wise), it’s quite interesting.

my bday ice cream with 17 “candles”

Thursday morning I went out with kings! It was retarded hahaha we were supposed to meet at the gelato shop at shaw at 11, but for the third time this week I was the only one on time though dawn was almost on time lah and fj came 5min later. We were originally planning to go to mcdonalds for brunch/lunch but there were none so we decided to go to far east and see how. We met erica there and sat at the fountain trying to contact cecilia the MIA girl, then erica suggested we go everything with fries, and just nice cecilia came while we were at the bus stop so we went orchard central. But ewf was out of our budget and there was nothing else at orchard central so we walked over to 313 and walked around B3 (I think?). Everyone took super long to decide what to eat!! I got my mee sua already and went to chope seats, and I saw fj at the sushi shop for the longest time. Then she finally came back with one tiny container (?) of sushi omg!! While eating we talked about a lot of rubbish and rediscovered that I used to have a black metal water bottle called The Dark Thing hahahahaha. And fj disappeared regularly to go buy more food.

We were intending to take 190 back to school but at the bus stop the timing for 190 jumped from 2min to 19 to 40+ ?!? So we decided to take a bus to opp far east then change. It was funny cos when we passed by the ion bus stop, there were a lot of our batchmates there waiting for 190 and we were just staring at each other hahaha. But yeah our plan worked! We got to school with time to spare so we went to see the new canteen, then went up to the hall.

I got exactly what I predicted for both subjects! Yay for good predictions + happy with my results xD though honestly I don’t think I particularly deserved it for chinese, but oh well! My mother was congratulating herself on her good decision to send me for half a year of chinese tuition hahaha

Almost immediately after I got home, I went out again with my family to swensens! My family is always ready to “celebrate” hahaha and we had swensens vouchers.

apple crumble ice cream!


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