first week of school

I’m so not used to waking up early D: the amount of sleep I get has decreased from 11h during the holidays to 7h on school days!!

But anyway this has been an interesting week! On monday I went with tiff and cecilia to the subordinate courts to kaypoh about the sex for grades case/ not really lah we also wanted to see what the courts were like cos I never knew anyone could just go in and see the hearings. When we were there, the professor (representing himself) was cross examining the girl and idk he seemed not very competent. The questioning went really slowly unlike what I’d expected, like the guy talked quite slowly and asked a lot of strange (imo) questions, and every few minutes the judge would go “hold on” then a long pause with nothing happening.

And the girl just replied “no” “yes” “no” etc to all the questions. She just denied everything though so the prosecution has like no case? Hmm I don’t get it leh if it was really corruption, why is it that only the professor is getting charged in court but not the student? Aren’t both of them equally at fault for offering/ accepting the gifts… but anyway yeah it was cool to see the courtroom and everything! Being a lawyer seems not as cool as I thought haha but I guess there are a lot of different types of lawyers. We stayed there for about an hour then left (everyone is supposed to bow to the judge when they enter/ leave the courtroom! We didn’t know that when we went in but we saw everyone else bowing hahaha so we bowed when we left), then went to bishan together and tiff and I went for training.

Went for free ice cream again on tuesday! With dawn and tiffany this time and we actually bought something in addition to the free scoops. If I’m not wrong, in total including last time we’ve paid the price of 1 scoop and gotten 8 scoops of gelato! Then we went hpps and met yiyin there, changed into PE shirt and shorts because we wanted to pretend to be sec 1s and trial with them but there were no sec 1s!!! So we just slacked around, talked to the sec 3s 4s and did a bit of dive. After training ended I got a lift from teo and I had to sit in the boot for the first time D: with rachyl and rachael and I was a bit x__x car sick but okay lah and rachyl talks non stop omg.

Anyway yay on to wednesday which is the main reason why I wanted to blog hehe. I went to sentosa with 211 people! We were supposed to meet at 9am but I overslept and reached at 9.30 and two people were later than me hahaha yiqing and shamen who came like 2h late. We had to wait for the supermarket to open, then got a trolley and went around randomly buying a lot of food for our picnic! Took the monorail to sentosa which was totally empty, we went to the pavilion place at siloso and there was hardly anybody else that we could see. For our picnic we had crackers+cheese+ham which was nice! And other random food of course haha like we bought a whole jar of nutella and a loaf of bread. After eating we went to soak our feet in the sea, then it got too hot so we went back up and played bridge xD after that….

it’s self-explanatory! (photo from lizzi)

Lizzi’s idea to play captain’s ball with a cabbage (we bought it specially for this) hahahaha it was super funny!!! The cabbage was actually really heavy compared to a normal ball, and it was a bit wet so sand got stuck all over it and when you throw it just flings sand and cabbage leaves everywhere x) ok I can’t describe it appropriately but it was really hilarious omg. After a few rounds we’d have to stop and pick up all the cabbage bits and the ball gets smaller and lighter!

Started school on thursday, it was quite uneventful/ I’m lazy to type out the details hahaha it’s been basically a lot of talks every day lah. The second day was funny though cos I sat with kings and we were playing the choose a category then name sth that starts with the last letter of the previous thing game, fj kept making up nonsense hahahaha like “nigerian apples”?! Imo most of the talks were not too bad lah and the physics/ chem lectures were okay! On fri we had a 2h break in between chem talk and gym so dawn and I went to j8 so she could buy 10 highlighters for her 6 subjects. We shared a macs meal then walked to the gym, all of us were aching a lot from wed training so we tried complaining to the coach so he’d give us less conditioning but it didn’t work and he now thinks we can’t chi1 ku3 hahaha. And he projected super pro tramp videos @__@


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