Tiffany and I went with dawn and jasmine to their church! It was at the star, which was huge:

There was another level of seats above ours too

It started off with half an hour of singing which was felt like a concert, quite cool though everyone was surprisingly enthusiastic and sang/ danced/ raised their hands etc. Then there was holy communion, which only believers were supposed to partake so I didn’t, but yeah previously outside the pac they’d given out tiny packs consisting of a biscuit + some drink? so everyone ate and drank it together.

After that the sermon started and the pastor talked mostly about stuff from the bible, like David and Jonathon whom tiff thought were gay hahaha. Anyway he spoke well, a bit exaggerate-y but generally quite funny though I didn’t really understand some parts and disagreed with some parts. Like he said something about people who love themselves will love others more/ those who receive more can give more? And that if you believe in god then you’ll have peace and stuff.

They ended off with a prayer which was a bit awkward because everyone except tiff and I were raising their hands. Then we were “dismissed” and the singing people came back on stage while everyone was leaving. It was some huge mess, idk why everyone was so kanchiong to leave! The escalators were quite slow so we ended up walking down the stairs for like 5 floors.

We bought subway and went to sit at the steps to eat, then mugged chem with tiff’s tuition notes. Everyone is so hardcore omg the batch whatsapp has been filled with chem questions since friday D: but ok today’s mugging session was helpful hahaha tiff quizzed us and gave us points for answering xD

Incidentally, yesterday I went to the library and borrowed The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (a strongly pro-atheism book). Partially to convert me back in case I got influenced by going to church today hahaha but nope that didn’t happen. And I realised I haven’t written any of my thoughts about religion in this post haha I shall try to write a whole post on it after I finish reading the book!


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