sailing, ice cream and too much time in the library

JIP has gotten slacker (as in fewer compulsory stuff) and I really don’t get why but we have to stay in school from 7.40 to 12 every day, even if we have nothing at all, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library. The library’s dvd collection is pretty good! I watched the start of one movie and the end of another movie with yiqing hahaha. And I had 2 optional modules this week which were fun!

Sailing was on wed afternoon, yiyin and I were going to be late so we rushed to finish lunch and change but the teacher didn’t even care and everyone was just waiting around. We had to wait quite long for the bus too, then after we finally got to changi sailing club, we had a short intro to sailing terms like port, starboard, bow, stern (left, right, front and back of the boat respectively). We were kind of expecting to sail individually on small boats like the optimist kind, but it turned out to be a huge catamaran which could easily fit all 20+ of us!

Sails flying in the wind! It was very sunny and windy, super nice weather for sailing

on the catamaran
on the catamaran


the main sail


We were pretty much all sitting and lying on the “trampoline” in front of the boat for the whole 2h+ that we were out at sea. It’s probably the most relaxed module ever hahaha can just lie there and enjoy the wind! The skipper also let us try steering the boat which was very cool xD it’s very different from steering a car because for cars, when you turn the steering wheel the car will just turn and move accordingly but on a boat, there are other stuff pushing the boat like the current and waves so even if you just hold the steering wheel straight, the boat will still drift to the sides! You can also set a direction and leave the boat on autopilot which yiyin did xD

I think sail boats are a great invention!! It’s the only mode of transport which runs directly and totally on natural stuff (as in wind), and you don’t actually have to do much but just adjust the sails and let the wind do the work for you.

On friday I made ice cream! It was a super small class so we only divided into 3 groups to experiment on how the different ingredients in affect the ice cream. My group’s ingredient was this additive called guar gum, which is some seaweed extract thing. So we mixed sugar, milk, and different amounts of guar gum in a small ziploc bag, then put it in a big ziploc bag containing ice and salt, and shook it around for about 10min. Then it became ice cream!! :D

We had a tasting session to try everyone’s ice cream and for each group’s ice creams, voted on which one we liked the most. Like for the first group, they made a low (4%) fat one, a normal (16%) fat one, and a normal one with extra sugar. And apparently you’re supposed to prefer the normal one but I liked the other two more! And some of the ice cream ended up extremely salty cos the outside of the ziploc was in contact with all the salt so when you squeeze the ice cream out it touches the sides of the bag and gets salted D: actually I thought the slightly salted parts were nice! And one group made ice cream with flavours which was yummy x)

Anyway yeah the teacher also explained why changing the ingredients ends up with ice cream that’s creamier/icier/harder/softer etc. One of the factors is how fast the ice cream freezes because if it has a longer time to freeze then there’s more time for the water inside to join up and form bigger ice crystals, which results in icy ice cream which is bad. So the colder you can make it, the faster it will freeze and so it’ll be less icy! Then he demonstrated using liquid nitrogen (-196 deg C) to freeze the ice cream which was super cool (pun unintended but yeah it also made the room become very cold suddenly). He just mixed ingredients in a bowl and poured the liquid nitrogen directly into it! While pouring all the “smoke” flowed around heh and after like 10s ice cream was formed!!! It wasn’t icy but it was really hard and formed into clumps, kind of like minimelts. And there was extra nitrogen so the teacher said “let me pour this away” and he literally just opened the door and poured it into the corridor hahahaha.


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