tuan yuan fan

My first lo hei of the year!

Had tuan yuan fan with my mother’s side yesterday! I don’t think reunion dinners are generally described as fun but mine was quite fun :D

We started off with yusheng but nobody knew the order of putting in ingredients/ what to say for each one so in the end I googled it and read off from my phone xD my family lo hei is very high and messy and loud hahaha. Then yeah we ate it, then had steamboat! I was very hungry cos we started quite late, plus steamboat you just keep putting stuff in and taking out and eating, so I ate a lot. And the dinner table conversation was very entertaining!

My sister: … my friends always take unglam photos of me and post on facebook
My auntie: you mean there are glam photos of you??

I was just kidding ah don’t cry!

Gene (my 9 year old cousin)’s mum: gene, how come your bowl is always full of food and never goes down one??
Gene: I don’t know
Gene’s mum: wow it’s a magical self-refilling bowl!
Someone: what if we put $100 notes in your bowl? Then will it keep making more $100 notes?

a while later…
Gene: I solved the mystery! It’s my mummy who keeps putting things in!
Gene’s mum: you mean it took you so long to realise that???

And my auntie gave me a dress @__@ it’s quite nice actually but I seriously have no occasion/ don’t really want to wear dresses! She made me try it on and show everyone
My auntie: you should wear it for Chinese new year!
My mother (who knows me very well): aiya she won’t wear one lah!
My mother (who apparently doesn’t know me that well after all): even if everyone gives her $100 she still won’t wear one
My father: what?! If everyone gave me $100 even I would wear it

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but ya if I refuse that would just be stupid!!

And my auntie who is a pig like me always brings ice cream so we had udders! Snickers mars honeycomb vanilla, which I didn’t have a particularly good impression of last time but after yesterday I decided it’s not bad, and kit kat hehe my favourite 8D

And I made grape jelly with berries!

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