Orientation was… okay I guess! Too lazy to talk about every day in detail haha so I shall just blog about the best/ worst parts.

Ok worst first. For me the worst part was obviously dancing lolol. On the first day for icebreakers we played double whacko, they made all the girls sit in a circle then guys randomly stand behind, then the ogls told us we’d be partnering with our double whacko partner! My partner was quite weird x__x he can’t dance very well either though so we both just anyhow-ed around x) but he tried harder than me, I seriously couldn’t remember any of the steps and during o’nite it was super messy and there no space anyway so aiya wtv hahaha

Best was EA! Our first clue was “what is a van in Antarctica” which was kovan cos it’s like cold van… we had to walk quite far to a bus interchange/carpark? place and we played the running man game! 2 people sit facing everyone else (not looking at each other), and wear headphones with super loud music so they can’t hear each other. One person has a list of questions and the other a list of answers, so they had to just shout out random qns/ answers and hope that they’ll match. Some were very funny like “what is your name?” “scooby dooby doo!” “what is your name???” “spongebob squarepants!!” 3 pairs did it and I think they did quite well!

The next clue was “photoshop gobstopper without stopping” = dhoby ghaut. Go figure out how. We had lunch at the plaza sing food court, luckily we were quite early so there were empty tables together at the corner and we all managed to sit together. We did the everyone in the og to get the same drink for lunch challenge, someone went to get a whole carton idk what it’s called, basically a huge pack of coke cans which cost $1.70 each T__T after lunch we went to daiso and spotlight, spotlight has random costumes like one whole set of clothes in a certain theme, v cool! Our station got cancelled because of the rain I think, so we sat near the mrt entrance and talked/ did a lot of the challenges.

Our last station was the inter-OG one at bartley, we played blind dodgeball against HH12 (we always play against them for station games and apparently they’re scared of us??). My partner got hit quite early during the first game haha D: I survived for quite long but didn’t manage to hit anyone D: anyway for the first two games we won one each, then for the third round it was time based, as in after a certain time whichever side has more people left wins. We were leading, so someone suggested we just hog all the balls and wait for the game to finish xD it wasn’t allowed though, so we continued playing, and towards the end we were leading by 1 person, we thought we were gonna win already but in the last 2 seconds (seriously) one of their players threw a ball superrrr accurately and it hit one of ours so it was back to a draw T__T

Anyway overall orientation was quite fun but very tiring D: both physically and uh socially? Every day after I came back I just showered and went to sleep immediately hahaha and I still didn’t get enough sleep, luckily I came back early on thurs afternoon so I took a 4h afternoon nap xD and today I wasn’t feeling very well after school so I came home and slept for 5 hours hahaha am I good or what. Hope I recover fully after tonight so I can eat all the cny food!!

I think orientation has made me more antisocial @__@ it’s quite weird because you’re surrounded by so many people the whole day and yet you’re kind of alone most of the time. At least for me, because I’m not veryy close to anyone in my group, and generally I find it easier to just be alone than to try to talk to people I don’t really know. Which isn’t a good thing meh I shall make more of an effort to get to know my classmates!


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