school (class camp!)

Wow haven’t posted in a month oops x) I’ve attempted to start writing this post about school like 5 times so far but too many things to write about + no time and lazy so they all ended up getting trashed hahaha. So ok yeah school has started for a few weeks and there’s been quite a lot going on! Not going to go in detail but that includes take 5, class captain’s ball, a few bday celebrations, amc, chinese chess ihc, applying for enrichment progs, moe interview, and…can’t remember anything else atm.

Oh I took a “proper” mbti test in school cos they make all ra people take it, and got the same results as my online one- istj! I got 21I, 0E LOL and s and t also very extreme but my j was not very much more than p. And like 80% of my class is introverted hahaha x__x but yeah nothing new!

Gym has been ok! We’re still just practising backlay every training but starting on barani also. At first my front pike half twist was superrrrr weird cos I usually naturally turn towards my right for everything, but for some reason I suddenly started half twist-ing to the left. Idek how I did it LOL but phew after trying in the sponge pit it’s back to the normal side. We’re learning front lay now, it’s completely different from pike so I’m super not used to it but hopefully it’ll get better! Having 6-9 training is DD: luckily I live quite near school plus usually get fetched so it’s already much better for me than other people, but still argh I always end up doing nothing but still sleeping late.

I wanted to go back to hpps for juniors’ cny party and comp trials, but they were both on sat morning so cannot D: so yeah I went with tiff to go see them on tues, talked to juniors and jumped a bit (tiff and i did synchro b and c div minus the flips hahaha), but didn’t get to talk to teo much because he wasn’t free. They seem… not very ready for comps D: and everyone is waiting for only one tramp which makes it super slow.

Oh and talking about comps, I won’t be able to see tramp comps because my piano exam is on the same day like afkdjlfsdj so qiao one!! What are the odds man x__x

Ok on to class camp! aka the main reason why I finally decided to force myself to blog. It was quite fun! Before I met my class I thought they’d all be very quiet and boring people ie. like me, but luckily there are some quite outspoken and enthu (as in in a good way) people and in general it’s quite spontaneous and fun! On the first day we pitched our tents and bashas, at first we all didn’t really know how to set up the bashas but our instructor just made us go look at the other class’ one to see how they did it and learn x) with so many people it was very fast, and considering we just copied from other people, it was very successful haha. Had random bonding activities, then lunch!! We made our own popiahs and most people’s were super fail hahaha like become huge dumplings/ give up and eat salad. Oh the table with popiah ingredients right, at first we were all standing around it while our teacher told us what to do, I was talking to someone then we suddenly realised that everyone was queuing up behind us for the popiah! So without even doing anything we became the first people to get our food hahaha good or what xD

We had this inter-class competition thing, there are 5 stations where you have to do different tasks then see how long each class takes to complete all five. My class was super good at everything!! I did the ball throwing station where 8 people stand in a circle, each with a ball, then with only one hand you throw the ball to the person beside you. 8 people leh and must do 8 times consecutively! I expected it to fail but surprisingly everyone was very good :D we were also v pro at the jigsaw puzzle station haha and the last one was skipping rope, like 2 people swing a long rope then 6 people must jump 8 times consecutively. Last time we tried that at gym camp or something right and it failedd but this time we had china scholars hohoho so v easy for them.

We walked along punggol park and went to the beach for a while, then continued walking to the playground :D:D I challenged people to swinging and won (obviously) hahaha and everyone became little kids for that hour hehe funnest part of class camp! After that… we went back for dinner, must cook by yourself but it’s more high tech than OBS so got like a proper ish stove thing. I sat with some people and talked/played truth or dare while the rest were cooking haha cos too many cooks spoil the broth and we wouldn’t be of much use anyway. But yeah we had spaghetti which was quite nice! Then after showering and cleaning up, we walked out to some part of the park and sat down for class htht. It was quite weird :/ like some people said stuff they wouldn’t normally share which was interesting lah but in general the round was huge so it went super slowly, and I never really know what to say for these kinds of things D:

At 10ish we headed back to the campsite cos lights out was at 11, they’re super strict about the guys and girls cannot be in the same tent thing so yeah must sleep in separate tents. But class camp is for bonding right and at 11 most of us didn’t want to sleep yet so at first ruhui and I went over to sit outside the guys’ basha to talk to them, but then everyone else started coming over so it just became almost the whole class in one tent! Talked for a while but talking in big groups is weird and it was getting quite squashed and stuffy, so a few of us went to walk around the campsite to escape. But that (around midnight) was the spot check time! So after we walked one round and came back, we had to join the class in getting scolded… and apparently all of us (except 4 people who went to sleep) are going to get white slips ._. so yeah after that we talked for a while in our own bashas, then went to sleep lor.

We had bread with nutella for breakfast! :D after that err nothing else of interest happened haha. We packed the tents, played some random games and had another round of everyone sit in a circle and go one round sharing sth, I was very bored so I tried folding straw hearts (straws were from one of the activities) LOL. Oh and the last thing we did there was to make…


Everyone gets a mini canvas thing which you have to colour, then form into a bigger picture together. I like ours!!

(word count is 1200+ wow this might be my longest post ever)


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