Someone posted on fb “the march holiday is not much of a holiday” hahaha but for me it was a good break! Other than practising piano every day and gym (which was only twice yay) I was quite free :D

On sat after simo I met tiff in sch, then we went to j8 for lunch then went to watch rhy comps at bishan. Oh I met 4 out of the 6 people in my “clique” that day! 2 from simo lah but the other 2 quite coincidental, otw to j8 tiff and I met george so we walked from the amphi to near the gym there together, then at kfc we saw sean who was having band camp. The rhy comps was honestly quite boring cos everyone was doing fixed routines, but ok lah cos not that many people so the round went quite fast. I took 200+ photos of the rj/rg people competing but I realised that there are wayy more photos of the pro-er people haha :x

Sun and mon I just slacked around at home, mon afternoon benny and sean asked me to go kino with them + their friends but I was lazy to get out of the house haha. Decided to bake apple crumble instead hehe it’s pretty easy! But when I was taking it out of the oven I accidentally dropped the tin and half of the apple crumble fell out T__T throwing it away would’ve been too much of a waste though so I picked up the parts which weren’t in direct contact with the floor xD dumped it back in the tin to bake for a while more cos heat kills the bacteria hahaha then we ate it for dessert. Apple crumble is yummy!!

Went out with 211 people for ice cream! We were supposed to meet outside the marymount gate but everyone was late psh so fanjin and I decided to go into sch and sit at the canteen while waiting for the rest. I wanted udders lor but since it was shamen’s belated bday she got to pick so we ended up at salted caramel. At first we had individual/ shared with 2-3 people portions, then some people had to leave early and the remaining five of us wanted more icecream hahaha so we shared a tub! Uhm honestly right I can’t say it was fantastic to meet up with them again, but it was interesting cos I realised 1. how clueless I am about people in school, and 2. that I don’t actually care that much. So yeah haha :/

On wed my family made pizza bread for dinner :D

ingredients! with 3 different types of cheese
before baking…


after baking :D

Oh and I made a bday cake for my sister! It’s called a hummingbird cake idk why also, but it’s kinda like carrot cake but pineapple instead of carrot. Tastes better than it sounds!!

putting frosting
two layers with frosting in between!
the cake!
the yellow stuff on the cake are pineapple slices, baked to let them dry and become (supposedly) flower-like

We’re in week 3 now and I still haven’t finished this post argh shall summarize the rest. Thurs I went to rgs! Had lunch with sean and zhang wen at far east and it was quite weird cos the whole place was full of rgs people then 2 random guys hahaha. Ate kfc again heh and met ruhui, then we went to crash math soc camp at rgs. They were having oral quiz, where you sit in groups and they flash qns and you shout out your group name to answer. We formed our own group lololol and actually managed to get points at first! It was retarded though cos there was hardly any math, mostly very stupid qns but quite amusing lor, their sense of humour abit weird but at least got a sense of humour xD towards the end it got really boring though so the non math soc people left early.

Mugged with dawn in school on friday, it was super unproductive because we were both procrastinating econs T__T but we got free chocolate and drinks from these random people!

Sat-sun we had gym sleepover at amanda’s house! Lazy to write about it and most of the people who’re gonna read this probably went for it so aiya wtv yay finally publishing this post!


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