Mm I’m never gonna say tgif cos fridays are the worst days ever. So yay for sat/ by the time I finish this post it’ll be sun, the week is finally over!!

(oh yeah I finally told more people about my blog hahaha so err hi people who are here for the first time!)

Woah it’s been 4 weeks since the march holidays alr omg so fast! Ok quick summary:
Week 1 was tramp comps and my piano exam, piano was uh not v good but I already expected that… I failed by 3 marks hmph but honestly I don’t really care cos I’m just happy it’s over. And I’ve only touched the piano once since then xD but okay maybe after a long break I’ll go try playing on my own. I couldn’t go for tramp comp, then had a hard time trying to figure out how things were going cos everyone was daoing my smses D< but they got team gold yay and tiff you’ll do wayyy better next year!!!

Week 2 tues I went b&j’s with tiff and sean! Was supposed to be tiff’s cheer up from comps icecream treat but by then she was “okay” already so we just went to eat icecream anyway cos b&j’s has 1 for 1 :D We stayed there for quite long with tiff talking 95% of the time hahahaha sorry tiff! PI first draft was also due that week, we had the long weekend to do but I didn’t know what topic to do so I only started properly on the last possible day lol. AIME got postponed from wed to fri, it was ok lor but freezing in the room so most of us left early (anyway by then the answers were already online so quite retarded). Then I went for photog camp! Had pizza for dinner and talked to some of the graduated seniors who came back, then we had some stations activities thing which was quite fun and I learnt alot! Which reminds me, I need to get adobe lightroom hmm.

Next was rhy comps week! And free cone dayyy which means back to b&j’s :D I went with beatrice and yiyin, we were originally intending to go visit hpps training but uhm we prioritized and just went for the ice cream haha then tiffany sean and jasmine joined us later. Sean the lousy pig left after only 2 cones tsk haha the orig 3 of us went four rounds in total! Chocolate therapy and lemonade sorbet are gooddd. Saw random other people there too including jazlene O: benjamin and benny came later also but they didn’t get icecream, stupid benny lah he refused to pon math soc! After that beatrice yiyin tiff and I sat at the star’s fountain there for a while but decided that nobody really wanted to eat anything so we went home.

For rhy comps there was supposed to be a limit of 5 supporters per school, but after the first day they didn’t enforce it so I managed to watch simin’s competing! On fri we were supposed to rotate watching slots, my slot was during my only lunch break but half of it also coincided with the rhy comps lunch break, so I was considering ponning physics prac to continue watching. In the end I decided to be guai and go for physics lah but our teacher didn’t even come!! We had a relief teacher but it was retarded “how to plot a graph” stuff and super boring so after the first block I told the teacher I needed to go support my cca. So I watched all the a div ribbon too! :D I brought dslr for photog so I became unofficial photographer for rgs rgym again lol and of course I took photos of all the pro a div people too! There were raffles press people there who got to skip school to cover rhy comps, so lucky lor I wanted to skip sch to cover as as photographer also but apparently I asked too late so cannot :( but anyway yeah good enough lah and some of my photos were used in press! It’s nothing much lah but feels cool to have your photos “published” x)

Oh we got our pw groups last week also, mine is me zhangwen belinda and tianhao. Could be better but also could’ve been much much worse so overall I’m quite ok with my group! I got saboed to be group leader ._. hopefully everyone doesn’t end up hating me in the process of doing pw. And so far our whatsapp group is almost a 2-people private convo between me and zhang sigh but at least the rest actually have whatsapp hahaha.

This week the simo nat team people have full day ntst training so they get to skip lessons for 2 weeks, so our group is left with me ruhui sean benjamin george. Ruhui is super busy though so during breaks she always disappears Dx on mon after school we went j8 macs for lunch, ruhui left early then the rest of us lepak-ed there until this group of sec school people wanted our seats, so we shifted up to the rooftop and did the birds personality test thing, I got dove and owl which is yeah expected lah. We couldn’t stand the heat for long though haha so sean went home and benji george me went to hml to slack around waiting for gym/phys ra. This george went to read A Level Chemistry T__T Gym was amusing, we’re putting up an item for some cip concert thing and monday concert prep was super funny cos everyone was just being retarded!!! Then we had exco speeches, they made us stand on some block in front and look down and everyone while talking which was really weird. And I went after reudi and tiff who impromptu-ed v long and sincere speeches so in comparison mine was …… no words to describe haha wtv lah. Dawn said her “I want to be recre i/c cos I’m the only one in recre gym so I think it’d make things a lot easier if I’m in charge of myself” HAHAHA. Anyway there’s supposed to be 6 positions and only 6 people wanted to run (or 7 including dawn) so they wanted to make the rest give a speech also but it ended up with nonsense like maverick “I want to run for cleaning i/c so I can get people to clean up all the bird shit in the gym” hahahaha.

Our 2.4 was supposed to be wed first block but it rained in the morning so woohoo postponed!! Actually not that yay now cos wed is nearing again :(( I haven’t run sub 14 in forever but I’m aiming for that cos I will get: 1. A for 2.4 = full marks for napfa 2. brownie treat :D 3. tiff will change her wa prof pic LOL. On wed I stayed back for extra concert prep, ate at ri canteen with sean and ruhui then we followed her to the piano room to watch her play! Had to leave before her duet partner came, then I ended up at manna cafe with jolene and dawn who whatsapped nonsense to sean and gym batch group hahahaha “ruixiang is facilitating sibling time” and “HI SEAN!!!!!!!” which was instantly replied with “hi tiff” lololol.

I always dread fridays nowadays but actually they usually turn out better than expected (though still sucky). First block was chem tutorial, then our econs tutor wasn’t in sch so had a surprise free block! There was a shuttlecock in the chem classroom and a few of us ended up playing monkey for a while hahaha impromptu fun xD we had gp essay, then nothing much the rest of the day until napfa! It was ok lah but I didn’t manage to jump over 2m D: and benjamin beat me for situps hahaha good job!! Napfa dragged for quite long, then me benjamin sean and jee sat in the canteen for a while to cool down/ waste a bit more time before going for photog heh. Photog was quite interesting! She got a real model to come (super long legs and superrr high heels omg) and demonstrated how to direct her. Being a model doesn’t seem very fun though you spend the whole time getting ordered around by the photographer ._. anyway yeah we tried the different genres of portraiture, amanda is forever the model cos faith and I are like noooo and amanda doesn’t mind so yay! x)

Photog ended pretty late so by the time I got to the gym it was around 7, the rest finished conditioning alr so I had to do everything on my own D: the usual hopping/jumping stuff, then still jackknives and bei ji (?? not sure what it’s called) and ti tui DD: They were doing backlay but by the time I finished the straddle-tuck-pike we moved on to barani on the mat. The mat is a bad idea sigh sometimes I don’t travel enough and end up landing on the tramp then falling onto the mat, and once the mat wasn’t in the proper position so I hit the metal thing!! Yeah anyway we split into each tramp 3 people and just continuously rotated (like each person do one then switch) which was okay lah not too bad. Oh karen gave us the camp consent form and was like “yknow this is my first job as secretary haha so exciting!!” hahahaha but honestly yeah idk what exco is even for..?!

I was veryy tired after training but still had to finish take home test so I ended up sleeping at 1, then sat still had to wake up early-ish for simo test. It was better than expected! Though at one point I was super sleepy and kept yawning and couldn’t think properly lol.

ALPs has been v slack so far, we’ve just been doing self intros icebreakers etc but now that that’s done I guess there’ll be more serious stuff? I have actually been running k, not always the full 5k and usually very slowly but nvm at least better than nothing!

Schoolwork has been quite okay I guess? Ok physics is fine, math is quite fine (doing complex numbers now which is a new topic so still quite unfamiliar but mostly can lah), chem is confusing but can more or less understand, econs is just overload of information omg it mostly makes sense but I cannot remember anything!! gp is like english where honestly I don’t think you can learn a lot just from the lessons.. and pw lessons have been pretty useless. Yup hahaha I love school soooo much!!! I keep stoning during lectures/ trying not to by doing tutorials instead, then benny and sean keep drawing pigs on all my papers lolol.

Ok yay finally done! Almost 1.8k words leh this is a new record xD


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