I was thinking about how infrequently I’m posting nowadays and I remembered that one of my new year goals was to blog once a week hahahaha but yknow, I blogged so much at the start of the year that it’s actually still possible if I blog once a week from now on. Anyway it’s been quite an eventful uh 2.5 weeks since I last posted! Will just write about whatever comes to mind, not necessarily in chronological order..

Oh k super late but I got my A for 2.4!!! Ran with ruhui, we decided to aim 2.20 per round and managed to stick with it + chiong the end so I got 13.44 yayyy. Everyone else in gym ran like 12+ but wtv lah I’m happy with my timing :D

Had my first alps training at bukit timah hill last sat! The first part of the climb is the worst, got some vv steep incline, but luckily we only have to walk that part once haha after that is all stairs. Basically there are 3 sets of stairs- the first one goes up to the summit, then the other 2 are off from the main path so like from the main path you climb down then back up again, then continue on the main path to the other set of stairs. We did it once with everyone together, then the other 2 times at our own pace but most of us ended up walking together except caleb nicholas and some other guy idk who went super fast!! They just kept going, unlike the rest of us who stopped like to take photos at the summit x) anyway it was not thaat bad I guess, while climbing your thighs are dying but after you finish and walk a bit it feels fine. And I thought I’d ache like crazy after but surprisingly there was nothing o__o so yeah yay for stairs haha looks like I will survive alps after all!

Gym camp was the slackest and piggiest camp ever heh we just kept eating and eating hahaha. And after break camp our batch + some seniors went to eat icecream at udders :D (finally lor I’ve been wanting to go there but ending up at salted caramel instead for the past 2 times). Our batch is super retarded and funny!! But for some reason I seem to become more antisocial with them, like I skipped both batch dinners (went home after udders & stayed with tiff at the concert after our item). I guess it’s an introvert thing to not like big/loud groups lor :/ it’s not that I don’t like them or don’t think I will enjoy it or anything leh but I just subconsciously decide that it’s too tiring. Though actually right I don’t even have to participate much cos the rest can talk so much hahaha not like it’s awkward or anything also. So yeah I like going out with my classmates who don’t talk that much (= I kinda talk more?) but have some natural aversion(is aversion too strong a word? idk) to going out with my batch, where I can actually just mostly listen. Does that even make sense :/ I should probably try though, I will go for the next batch dinner/outing/wtv!

Oh and most exciting thing of the week- I discovered that my photo got reblogged on lensblr!!! As of now it has 549 notes omg 8DD link is there so go see (and reblog? :D)

Err summary of school: sleepy, pw suckss, pe is now games!, econs test was surprisingly ok, physics is starting some flipped classroom thing o__o. Hahaha yeah school is generally meh but yay for friends who never fail to amuse me every day x)


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