sleep deprived

For the past week I’ve been getting less sleep every night than I do during sch time blehh this is sad D:

But anyway yup yay holidays are here!!! Though for me so far it’s been more of “what holiday??” lol cos I’ve sch related stuff pretty much every single day. Photog farewell on fri was v random, we had a sandwich making competition and each group had to bid for ingredients- like some auction with veggies/tuna/cheese/ham etc which was super funny!! After that Edwin gave a speech and some of the other j2s shared some stuff which was quite nice! They’re such interesting people haha I wonder how our batch will compare hmm

life is like photography- we develop from the negatives

I think we develop from the positives too also though haha but it’s a nice quote x)

I had to leave early and miss pizza :(( but it was worth it, went strictly pancakes for the first time with dawn and tiff :D

expensive pancakes haha but they're v good!!!

Sat was alps bukit timah training again! I brought more water this time so it felt worse than the prev training. But after that we went out for alps lunch at botanic gardens which was fun x) then tues we went ubin for “training camp” which wasn’t much of training haha it was more like some nature fieldtrip? We basically walked around and got introduced to random plants by mr chew and saw alot of spiders!! Spider webs are v cool I always want to take photos of them but they’re so hard to take D: we saw wild boars too, the baby ones are super cute! There were like 10 of them lying around taking their afternoon naps hahaha good life man.

Gym has been pretty good for me, finally starting to get the feeling for barani (somewhat) plus we started on dive which is scary but fun! Jiaolian has this app which can take videos and play them in slowmo so we’ve been spending trainings videoing for each other and watching the videos. Quite helpful leh like you can see what you’re doing right/wrong! On wed training we all got mega confused about barani thanks to jasmine and jiaolian hahaha they couldn’t agree on which side jasmine was turning, then ended up comparing hers with mine/nicole’s and getting more confused! But I alr got over my confusion about barani (last time at one point I was super confused about which side I was turning also, it was v weird) cos it’s like if you twist right, you’re kind of doing a cartwheel to the left /vice versa. Anyway oh man no more training until after cts D:

Ok then thurs to sun was simo camp = doing math the whole day, every day was literally breakfast math teabreak math lunch math teabreak math then slack dinner slack more hahaha. Would’ve been v sian but luckily I had friends x) had fun playing bridge and uh chess and pillow fighting with benny hahahaha “tortoise formation!”

In other news there’s been uhh exciting developments hahaha :))

And I’m in sri lanka now! Lazy to post everyday like last year so I’ll just instagram photos or sth yay


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