what are cts

Have been super unmotivated to study lol when I was overseas I thought “ok can slack now then when I get back I’ll only have 1 week left for everything so I’ll be forced to be productive” but err that lasted for about 2 days while doing chem and now I’m back to slacking! Physics and chem aren’t actually that bad cos you read a bit then do the revision exercises, but econs is blehh just read until bored D: and I haven’t actually touched math except when people ask me stuff

The past few days for me have been: wake up at 9/10ish, eat bfast then talk on wa until 12, try to start on work, do a little bit then lunchtime alr, after lunch end up sleepy/ varying levels of productivity (but with tea breaks everyday heh) until dinner, then slack until 12ish xD

Went out on sat, I had to go and personally wake the sleeping beauty up, it was uhh abit weird LOL but enjoyed the night! Plus it was free for me hahaha but eh yeah I’ve barely gone out the whole jun hols so never spend much, which is why I’m not broke even though I got super little holiday allowance

lemon cheesecake :D

I made no-bake cheesecake! Stupidly bought too little cream cheese but I was lazy to go out and buy again so I just made 2/3 of the recipe, so ended up with a v thin cheese layer but it’s super good hehe x) not particularly fancy or ath (I didn’t even make any topping) but I added lemon juice which made it much nicer :D

Tried making tauhuay with simin for the first time today, it’s actually pretty easy! We made some in laoban containers and wanted to give them and see if they’d notice anything different hahaha but they saw all the tauhuay in the fridge before we could give them D: but anyway it was a success haha yay homemade tauhuay!

And woah watch this

(sorry this isn’t a very coherent post i was trying to quickly finish and go sleep!)


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