i am fabulous who cares about a title

I never know what to title my posts argh but all my posts so far have had titles so idw to break the streak D: (uhm ok I asked for suggestions and this is what I got LOLOL)

Anyway I’m v happy now!!! (edit: woah cool it posts lists in roman numerals)

      1. cts are over!!
      2. it’s good to be back in school and see everyone everyday again x)
      3. cts week was not bad haha I’ve actually always kind of liked exam periods cos everything else (ahem PW) can just be ignored for the time being! And afternoon papers are the best haha I’ve been waking up at 9 then study abit, go school take exam, go out and eat a while, then go back to school and crash dawn & tiff’s table while waiting for my ride home hahaha
      4. cts were mostly not too bad I guess (hope?)
      5. went out with gymmers for $3.99 manhattan!! :D v worth it and luckily we went at some random time so not crowded, at dinnertime the queue was so long! Watched despicable me 2 with like half the movie theatre filled with ri people haha but it was super cute and funny x) after that we ate icecream at macs and happened to meet rachyl and seow! Gym outings are always fun because of the people haha haven’t laughed so much in ages :’)
      6. long weekend :DD
      7. oh I’ve returned to my pre-holidays weight hahaha phew
      8. last but not least haha as of today (/yesterday now) it’s been a month! :)

Yeah that’s all I can think of for now! Suddenly v hungry cos I ate dinner at like 4 lol


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