Cool stuff at the science centre!

the vortex thing!
water droplets under strobe lighting
dry ice in water (i think)
dry ice in water (?) making cool spiral things


I got to skip school with almost half my class for eureka, but unlike everyone else I went as a photographer x) anyway it was actually pretty fun cos I ended up walking around with benji and his friend! We tried some of the stations and got higher than all the real groups for the bio one heh heh pro or what.

My second op after street concert but I think clarie and I kind of failed at shooting the prize presentation lolol it was quite weird? need to try and take charge more next time haha

Oh and at one point I was referring to someone as “my friend’s friend”, then I figured that could probably apply between every 2 people there ie. 2 degrees of separation! I wonder if that also works for the whole of rj hmm cos everyone seems to know so many people through different places..


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