what comes at the end of pain?

Ans: n.

Alternatively: “pain is temporary, death is forever” I forgot who said that just now but hahahaha so optimistic right

Writing this after alps training and omg my thighs aren’t even aching but my feet are super sore idek why o__o anyway bleh bukit timah training seems worse each time. Last time was probably cos I carried more weight but today I brought just enough water and went pretty slowly some more… meh too long never exercise alr my stamina is sad. For today I ended up right at the back with amanda kyros jack but it was fun walking with them! Tireddd though so I was considering just going home after the training but decided to go eat dinner w them and I’m glad I did x)

Lolol I just sat down at macs for 1min to rest cos I didn’t get to sit the whole way back.

Anyway the past 2 weeks have been quite good! The long weekend after cts was the best seriously, it was the closest to a real break we’ve had in a long time. Went ice skating :D it was fun but fang and amanda happened to be there at the same time too which was uhh a little bit weird. Then I went tiff’s house to slack around/ watch stuff and pig out! We tried watching vampire diaries(?) at first thanks to dawn but decided it wasn’t v nice, so we switched to Sherlock haha it’s not bad!

On sat I went for my uncle’s wedding ie. wore a dress! V amused at the reactions hahahaha like
Reudi: What’s the scale of this rarity
Jolene: 0.0000000000000000001

Sun was piggy outing heh we ate fruit tart and icecream :D and then had nothing to do so we randomly walked around nex. And looked at all the food/ looked for stuff with pigs LOL there was seriously a lot?? Pig notebooks and stickers and idk what else

Anw these 2 weeks have been mostly 1. pw and 2. getting back papers. We got our interview!!! But he didn’t help our cause very much cos our project is basically saying that he/his organisation isn’t doing a v good job and so uhh he obviously won’t substantiate that right lol. And transcribing while you’re sleepy is horrible but otherwise it’s actually quite okay

Getting back papers has been… surprisingly good! Didn’t really know what to expect but yay x) I thought I’d lose to sean like 5-0 but I’m actually winning heh heh. But meh doing well when it’s not the norm makes it v weird when people discuss results :/

Gym has been interesting! We tried out ihc on mon with a “noob perspective” hahahaha and gym deck the walls phototaking was on that day also, photog sent almost their whole exco cos apparently the previous year’s phototaking was v bad? But they still ended up with some ridiculously bad photos LOL jasmine’s ghost thing omg. And next year I’ll probably be in charge for gym eep :S anw I’m finallyyyyy making some progress for barani!!! I’ve been dreading barani and not knowing what I’m doing for the past idek how long but on fri I somehow managed to get some feeling so yayy hope it lasts! I still have no idea how to not pike though but ok at least I’m getting somewhere.

My french is so bad LOL george benny sean’s buddies came to our class for a few days this week and I can barely understand when they talk in french :/ anw yeah because of the buddies I’ve been spending abit more time with the rest of our clique ie. joining benji in his new hobby lololol

(I realised this whole post has zero connection between each para lol)


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