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Got reminded by zhang today that I can (could) kinda code websites, and I wanted to try editing my theme but I realised wordpress is lousy and doesn’t allow custom stuff unless you pay D<

Anyway it’s been pretty long since I last posted so quite a lot of events!

First nat day (which wasn’t particularly exciting, we just nua-ed at the mph and ruhui and I wanted to get red hairspray but they ran out!!) and st nicks fiesta! Decided to go with dawn the day before and we tried to jio other people but everyone already had plans lol but in the end nicole came with us! We failed at getting there cos I wasn’t thinking and went to the wrong direction platform but the funniest thing was that there were another 2 rj people who were slightly in front of us who did the exact same thing!!! They got off at braddell and went to the other direction platform, and we were behind them so they must’ve thought we were stalking them or sth hahahaha so retarded that we both failed in the exact same way. Anyway we finally reached st nicks lol and basically it was crazyyyy crowded and super overpriced but I had free coupons :D we actually had too much money lolol so after eating we went to play all the retarded games like fishing ducks and “save the egg”. Wanted to go for the haunted house (my sis was in it + I’ve never been to a haunted house ever) but the queue was too long so meh next time I guess. Going back to st nicks was nice! Their school spirit is really strong and like can tell that all the old girls are really proud of it x) although the building itself is….. it looks like an office building/ a jail hahaha

Thanks to dawn I ended up going for judo ihc with yiqing nicole shamen- “mt is really small and weak” (shamen’s words) lolol. But ok lah we weren’t actually that bad? And the game itself looked scary but was v fun!! But also ridiculously tiring hahaha lazy to explain more but it was kinda a relief that it got stopped halfway cos we were all already dying after 2 rounds. Someone was very concerned about me :’) (admittedly the guys’ side seemed much worse) but really it was ok and I had fun! After that went for dinner with sean then sat at a random bench stoning cos I was really tired from judo/the whole week.

Gym ihc was pretty good! We went through a few rounds of testing out stuff (tyty benji and sean for being guinea pigs) and tbh I didn’t know whether people would find it too easy/ too hard/ fun or not but yeah it turned out well! About the right difficulty and people found it fun so yay success :D I was at the floor station with nicole so we basically followed teams along the course and told them what to do + timed them for each station and also tried to encourage them. Multiply by 10 teams times 2 pairs per team = running around shouting stuff repeatedly until it we got quite tired of it haha. But yeah overall it was good!! After it ended we celebrated wannee’s bday with cake baked by cheryl :D I wasn’t very hungry so didn’t eat dinner with my batch, plus wanted to go astronight so I met sean then we went back to school. By the time we reached it was mostly ending haha but nvm I’m glad I went! If not uhh benji organise then our whole clique never go also very sad lor :S anw we joined kaying and random other astro people at the parade square and she pointed out some stars and stuff (I don’t really remember now haha but I know got some teapot thing and scorpio!). We were lying on the parade square doing nothing much for some time which is quite amusing when I think about it but I liked it!

Went for colour run walk with tiff faith dawn! We literally walked the whole 5km cos of tiff’s injury (I was secretly relieved lolol they all run alot faster than me and I’ve never even run 5k continuously before) but uhh most people were walking LOL or maybe all the legit runners were in front so we never saw them. The colour stations were only at every km so in between was a bit boring but yeah getting coloured was fun! I got my shirt pretty nicely coloured hehe but the vinegar thing didn’t exactly work v well so it’s now left with a slight pink tinge lol sucks DD: I wanted to preserve the coloured shirt!!

Went for a few fun stuff with my family too! We went cycling along changi coastal road and had expensive brunch at some place beside the beach along the way, then lunch at changi village which was much cheaper and equally good haha. I’m glad my parents like to do such things cos if not for them I’d just always waste my mornings away sleeping hahaha. And we went artscience museum to see all 3 exhibitions, they all not bad but I really liked the nat geo photog one!!

Have been spending quite a bit of time with my class clique as usual, and hmm I’m glad I get along pretty well (imo anyway) with all of them!! Anw we went to watch that girl in pinafore after school and it was not bad :D sparked uhm very interesting discussions too hahahaha

Excited for phantom on sun! :D


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