– wearing a dress voluntarily for poto lolol
– baking cookies for teachers’ day (“first time putting in so much effort”)
– buying a flower and breaking it within 2min LOL
– receiving a flower!
– studying & getting chased out of coffee bean (after which we randomly decided to watch percy jackson)
– eating udders sundae on a waffle 8DD
– going to someone’s house to wake him up (actually not even first time omg what a pig) and watched despicable me and cloudy!
– watching benny perform for co at esplanade :)
– being under my benchmark weight from a few years ago probably (cos I was sick) but regained alr hahaha sigh
– making a microwave mug cake! v easy and cool but it turned out quite dry D:
– going out with 4L people & crew
– playing pool
– watching a horror-ish movie in a cinema
– seeing someone get so scared at a movie LOL
– taking the last mrt
– making a bday card (uhh almost first time this year, I think I’ve only made for cecilia)
– eating at marche! and taking a photo with the cow hahaha
– trying out zumba with my mum LOLOL it was not as bad as I’d expected/ quite fun actually but all the shaking around parts I’m like……
– coming home early so many times in a week!
– photocopying past year exam papers lolol I used to judge people who did that for being v mugger esp if they do it way in advance

No idea how to end off but ok if you’re reading this, jiayou with mugging!!!


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