procrastinating pw

I was gonna say nobody has blogged in forever but I went and checked and ok that’s not a valid statement anymore hahaha. Anyway argh I don’t wanna start on pw properly omg D: my group has just been slacking around even after cts ended lol but ok after posting this I will start on my script!!!!

Anyway it’s been a long time! Promos period was a combination of studying and slacking, I ended up mugging in school most days with dawn + cecilia (/benji and sean once but that didn’t work out very well) but also went out for lunch a few times. Had a “happy coincidence” and ended up going ambush with kings!! Was really very coincidental and cool and old friends + retarded people = a lot of laughing xD

Celebrated end of promos with benji george ruhui zhang plus dawn LOL we went nex and took so long to decide what to eat omg. Ended up at texas chicken cos it smelled super good hahaha and we successfully “avoided” our class who apparently also went nex. Dawn’s description of the lunch: “It was really amusing  how one lunch with them was enough to see their clique dynamics though and it’s basically Z/R then the rest, with Benji talking 80% of the time, Siyan interjecting randomly and George talking about physics/math” lololol yep. After that went back to school with dawn and watched the dark knight rises which was good!

Had to go back to school on both thurs and fri for pw, but wasn’t that bad cos we ended up having fun too- watched lotr in the piano room (though we only managed to watch the first half of the first disc lol need to continue!!) and lousy zhang and sean never watched lotr before! Fri after pw lecture we went for lunch at S11 which became some mixture of class/4L clique. Then sean and I went to try creamier :D

rum & raisin with waffle :D

On a side note I love their website hehe it’s super cool go see the timelapse + the icecream making vid!! Ate then nua-ed at the playground for a while before going back to school for alps camp.

First day was quite slack, we learnt how to pitch our tents (mine’s with clarie and our tent is v cool! I brought it home so can play with it hurhur) and cooked dinner and got our backpacks. My group was v slow throughout lol like first day when the other group finished washing up we were still cooking. But we had really good food!! Thanks to shaun evonne gina our food ics :D First day dinner was spiral pasta with mushroom and tomato and cheese but we ended up eating at almost 9 I think cos we took so long to cook D: and I was really sleepy so after everything I just went to shower and sleep and leave packing for the next morning.

It rained in the morning but that turned out to be a good thing cos it was nice and cool during training (at least for the first part)! We had breakfast (bread + nutella + banana nut crunch) then packed and weighed our bags, then took a bus to bukit timah hill for stairs training. We went up by a different route for “warm up” which ended up taking as long as 2 of our normal circuits!?!? It was mostly flat so pretty manageable lah but near the end there was alot of stairs and we all died x__x after the “warm up” round we were originally supposed to go another 2 rounds of the circuit thing but I think we were too slow and lousy so it got cut down to 1 pheww. But our assessment is gonna be 4 rounds of stairs circuit!!!! With backpack too omg can die. Anyway well we all survived then went down for lunch! Which was wrap with lettuce ranch dressing canned tuna cheese and capsicum. Quite gross cos everyone couldn’t wrap properly and so was dripping sauce around……

Then we set off for 14kg 14km :S walked along the green corridor all the way from bukit timah (only the starting part was nice cos there was the railway tracks!) to queenstown and it was superrrr hot. We found what we think is a drink station from some race and just koped their water hahaha it was cold!! Walked from around 2-6, taking breaks every ~45min where we hobo-ed around everywhere hahaha. It was tiringg but not like stairs training, this was like legs v tired but just keep walking walking walking. But it was not that bad cos we talked to each other and got retarded people like shaun loh and his “99 bottles on the wall” omg lolol. When we reached labrador the other group had alr finished pitching their tents!! And most of us were really tired but some of the guys immediately went to do pullups/ muscle ups with their 14kg bags omg crazyy. Mr chew was like “teenage boys…” HAHA

Showered then cooked dinner- rice with $9 premium sausages and capsicum and soup! Took really long to cook as usual but it was reallyyyy good 8D I never really ate capsicum before but after having to eat it there (we had 2 packs of baby capsicum plus 1 bag each of red, yellow and green) I’m now okay with it hahaha. Next morning breakfast had oats which I don’t think I’ve eaten before so well from alps camp I have been exposed to new foods x) the rest of the camp was nothing much/ I’m lazy to type more hahaha overall alps camp was good training and great food and getting to know my team a bit better :)


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