little pancakes

Going out with your family is great hahaha you get good food without having to pay yourself xD anw went to try little pancakes today! It’s too pretty not to share but I’ve kind of abandoned instagram so just gonna post here (no prizes for guessing which was mine)




Super pretty, tastes not bad but it’s so overpriced D: think I’ll stick to strictly haha more ex but more worth it too!

Today was quite retarded haha first of all I forgot to bring anything for both physics and chem lectures. Ms tan wasn’t here so we watched a beautiful mind for civics, and ofc we didn’t manage to finish, but we stopped like exactly where I watched until with cecilia last time -__- then v short break only which we made a tiny bit of progress on op. Then yeah lectures that I didn’t pay much attention to cos I didn’t have my notes x__x and the survey thing. Was supposed to meet jack and wei deng but I just ate lunch in canteen with benny sean zhang benji and cecilia who crashed our table LOL. After lunch I sat at canteen until weideng finallyy checked his phone, then we did our route planning stuff!

Idk how dawn and I somehow always manage to find each other everyday hahaha but yeah met her, zhang and benji and we slacked in the canteen until dawn and zhang left for their trainings. Then benji and I randomly met benny’s pw group doing their math soc treasure hunt, and we had nothing better to do so went to join them hahaha

So ya overall a v retarded day lololol. Sighh tmr’s supposed to be free day for my class but I’m probably still gonna be in school the whole day DDD:


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