No real reason for writing this in a list but I’m lazy to type properly so whatever haha

  1. manually typing in all the rgb values at 1am because stupid powerpoint doesn’t have consistent colour schemes
  2. i didn’t realise we were going out for breakfast so i was eating at home then my parents tried to leave without me cos i was too slow
  3. dropped my phone in the car so i didn’t have it the whole day zzz
  4. continued a beautiful mind for civics and ahh the hallucinations thing ._.
  5. was tired and boredd during op dry run but i was a good classmate and paid attention to everyone’s presentations
  6. “aww someone’s not straight” LOL
  7. some people in my class are just too funny omg jiun harn hahahaha i couldn’t stop laughing throughout his part
  8. ms kaur “loved” our slides!!!!! :D made everything worth it hahaha
  9. proud of my pw group- we totally had the best group effectiveness!
  10. was sitting at raja with sean when my mum came to find me to go home, she was like “i go to the car first ah byebye!” then i absentmindedly said “bye!” and sean daoed her hahahaha
  11. finished i&r very efficiently!!
  12. i managed to outsource both of the things i have to submit tmr plus cancelled pw meeting so everyone can sleep so woohooo no need to wake up early tmr \o/

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