what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Fri night gym + sat morning alps training is some killer combination x__x even though I jumped less my legs were still alr sore this morning on the way to bukit timah. But I went slowly with rachel and stella so it was still manageable! Walking at the back is very pressure-free cos the teachers will follow our pace so yeah we were very slow haha. But meh idw to be at the back anymore next time (though I realised I will always have gym the night before alps training which sucks). Some of the guys (ryan ong) are seriously insane! Insanely fast and insanely fit. I’m so lousy now bleh was super out of breath after conditioning yesterday D: I will go do squat jumps!! And climb stairs and run.

Anw on a happier note my ankle is pretty much okay already!

Oh I was trying to distract myself during stairs climbing by memorising my op script hahaha but it didn’t work very well. And ok sigh time to get back to pw, chionging wr for the last time!!!


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