time of our lives



Now that we have nothing other than pw (as ms kaur keeps telling us), I’ve been slacking around and enjoying life hahaha baking and going out to eat quite a lot!

impromptu wafflelicious with dawn!

On tuesday we ate at j8 rooftop with the class for once and welll my class has a strange sense of humour. Sometimes quite funny but sometimes uhh idk very random and weird. And oh ya during pw meeting zhang and I discovered the existence of a fb chat which had everyone in the class minus 7 of us and 1 random person!! We have no right to complain I guess but it’s quite weird lol anw we shamelessly added ourselves but it’s just some spam of stickers (?) and nonsense as usual…

After lunch I watched escape plan with sean! The plot abit random but the action and thinking is pretty cool :D then pigged out at jco haha

Had to go back to school this morning for op dry run, then went kfc and shared a family feast hehe x) we (minus benny) decided to stay in school for MMM so we crashed LT5 and practised op for a while, then watched eragon on ruhui’s comp until dinnertime. MMM was goood haha not as yummy as monday’s beef stew but there was a lot of food! Introduced them to the charades app and it was epic omg “thumb wen” and benji trying to act flirty then guessed become sissy and “sodium + ____ coefficient of income inequality” and “dawn” the best HAHAHAHA


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