YAY everything is really over now (pretty much)!!!

Although before my OP I was already slacking alot haha. Went out with dawn and tiff on mon to watch thor which was not bad though I liked escape plan more! We had a lot of time to kill before the movie so went to eat kenny roger’s and sat there talking and playing charades for v long and almost forgot to pay before we left LOL. So yeah went to watch thor and after the movie we realised that wannee + some other rj people were in the same cinema as us! After that we ended up at starbucks with the three of us sharing a molten chocolate cake (which wasn’t very molten D: ), chocolate peanut butter stack (superrr good!!) and my apple crumble. :(:) <- pig face

Tues was my group’s OP! We met in the morning for our longest ever practice session lolol ran through a few times and tried to prepare for q&a. Our group was with jau’s so we had to sit through their presentation first and I actually paid attention to everything- their slides changed so much from last time seriously all our class’ groups’ slides became so similar and icon-centric. I still think ours is the nicest though x) anyway then it came to our turn! Went quite well except the assessors hardly looked up at us or the slides so while presenting I tried to stare at them until they looked at me, and while clicking I tried to make sure they were looking at the slide before I clicked hahaha. Our q&a was totally unexpected questions (except zhang’s) but I think we all answered ok enough! Our room only had 2 groups so we were done :DD then we went udders and met george ruhui shijian who had their op in the morning and went carl’s junior for lunch. 4 of us had two sundaes and 3 of them had another two sundaes lololol after which we were feeling fat so everyone walked back to school. I watched sean’s group play cards a while (and I sort of tripped over the step at the lockers and re-re-sprained my ankle argh but it’s ok now) then we went for dinner! We went novena square and ended up at ramen monster which  was not fantaastic but good enough! And it was my treat cos I lost the promos bet lolol oh well

Had training on wed but I couldn’t really jump D: did random conditioning by myself/ with tiff who injured her leg also :(/ reudi tiff jazlee qiwei and i did planks together. We did 1 set of front, sides, back then they wanted to increase timing for the second set!? But tiff and I just gave up earlier hahaha reudi is crazy “this is fun!”….. celebrated zhixin’s bday with cheryl’s chocolate cake :D and dawn and I finally gave tiff her card which nobody believed was sewed by dawn HAHAHA

Thurs night tiff jolene nicole yiyin beatrice and I crashed our juniors’ chalet! We had dinner first at downtown east justacia and shared 4 portions but ate a lot of icecream :D saw nicole and yiyin’s pw teacher and they went crazy hahaha yiyin started crying?!? and they tried taking photos of her with the guy she was eating with. Anyway after dinner we walked a long way to their chalet at aloha loyang- it was super ulu! But yeah also means peaceful and less crowded and the chalets are huge! But not very good for bonding cos each batch just stays in their own room. When we went there was almost nobody outside so we dramatically crashed the sec 1/2 and the sec 4’s rooms. Then ate their leftover bbq food hahaha and watched farewell with tiff and jolene being embarrassing. Time flies man next year the sec 4s will be coming to join us and we’ll be j2!!

Overslept a bit for breakfast with beatrice and cecilia the next morning heh but anw we ate at prata house! It was originally supposed to be brunch but it was too early and we didn’t eat a lot so I still needed lunch. Beatrice and I accompanied cecilia to school and sat awkwardly at the table beside her section for a while, then she went home and I went j8 for lunch! I need to stop going out and spending so much money :'(

Oh and another thing that’s over now is alps assessment!!! It was quite bad for me, felt even worse than the previous time idk why D: I walked at the back with clarie gina and rachel and I was v lousy bleh. But yeah we managed to drag ourselves through the 4 rounds so I don’t have to climb stairs at bukit timah hill anymore woohooo!! Ryan is insanely fit omg he managed to beat edison’s already very fast timing. But nevermind less than 3h is good enough for me hahaha

Yeah so overall a busy week lol wow had something on every day! Except today where I didn’t do anything except get my hair cut and watch mathilda with simin xD yay the coming week is super free then the week after I’m flying off already!! But 2 weeks for alps then 2 weeks to taiwan = I’ll only have barely 2 weeks of nua-at-home holiday, and I think I’m skipping pretty much all the holiday trainings eep how to improve like that :(


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